Dear friend,

If you’d like to finally be pain free, move better and train the way you want to train without any restrictions , then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

My name’s Joe Meglio and my partner’s name is John Gaglione. We are strength coaches OBSESSED with lifting heavy weight.

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The guys that train with us want help getting bigger, stronger and more athletic.

And for many of them, one of the areas they often tell me is lagging behind is their health. Just because you are big, strong and athletic does NOT mean you are healthy.

Let’s face it, lifting heavy weights will beat you up if you don’t take care of your body properly. You should NEVER sacrifice your health for any reason.

If you are like our guys, then I bet you want to lift heavier weights too.

We are going to show how performance and health can go hand and hand.

Unfortunately, we see many  guys frustrated with the side effects of lifting heavy weight.

We hear the same complaints all the time:

  • Why does my back hurt when I deadlift?
  • Why does my shoulder hurt when I press?
  • Why am I constantly sore and not recovering well from my workouts?

I bet you know what I am talking about.

You train your ass off to get stronger and while you are getting stronger, you are beating yourself up.

You follow the training routines that are mentally and physically exhausting and you don’t understand why you keep getting injured.

You’re sick of trying all the new fads and gadgets with nothing to show for it but a smaller bank account.

We talked for a while, jotting down all of our time-tested, stand-by methods for feeling and moving better, and we’ve put together the ultimate course on how to improve recovery, mobility and get rid of pain.

We call it the Italian Stallion Warm-up & Mobility Seminar

Italian Stallion July 2012

Italian Stallion December 2012

 Discover How to Efficiently Utilize warm up Exercises to Optimize your current Training Program and Feel better, move better, & Perform Better

Here Is What We Will Cover At The Italian Stallion Warm-up & Mobility Seminar:

  • How to breath properly so you can lift more weight while improving your posture
  • The difference between mobility and stability and  how can you implement both these components to help you break records in strength, improve overall performance and dramatically reduce aches and pains.
  •  The “joint by joint” approach and how understanding this will help you discover the root causes of injuries and what needs to be done to rehab them properly.
  • How to optimally implement mobility training to deliver the fastest results in reducing aches / pains as well as improving the quality of your workouts, ultimately leading to greater gains.
  • Discover innovative soft tissue methods that will improve tissue quality, mobility while speeding up recovery so you can train more often without pain.
  • Uncover the power behind compression bands and how this will make you feel like a million bucks before your workout.
  • Learn how to properly fire up your CNS before a workout so you be more alert and focused which will help you lift more weight and perform better  (this is like putting the key in the ignition before driving)
  • A LIVE Italian Stallion Training session with Coach Gags & Coach Megz. Come prepared to train.
  • Learn the concept behind a “warm-up flow” so you can cut your normal warm-up time in half and be prepared to go to battle.
  • A rapid fire Q & A session on training, mobility, stretching, addressing injuries and anything else you would like to ask.

Check out the feedback from the last Italian Stallion Strength Seminar:

“..The Ability these guys have to break the COMPLEX down into SIMPLE..”

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“.. What I LOVE about this seminar is that is FOCUSES on what you REALLY NEED to know!..”

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“..I learned a LOT of different techniques that I will be employing TOMORROW!..”

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“..Learn how to structure my own workouts and my clients workouts..”

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 Check out the details below if you’re motivated and committed to better yourself and bettering those you work with:

When: Saturday, April 6, 10AM-2PM

Where: Gaglione Strength,

Gaglione Strength, 32 Allen Boulevard , Farmingdale, New York 11735

Italian Stallion Comments

April 6 @ Gaglione Strength, Farmingdale, NY

Normally: $197

Early Bird Special (first 5 signups): $97

Space is limited to the first 15 coaches and lifters who signup. Click the button below to secure your spot today. Do not delay


“..Worth every penny!..”

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“..Very Comprehensive Answers of How & Why we Do Things and Put Stuff Together..”

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“..Even Coaches Need Coaches. Finding out those little nuisances that helps makes my squat or deadlift that much better..”

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April 6 @ Gaglione Strength, Farmingdale, NY 

Normally: $197

Early Bird Special (first 5 signups): $97

Space is limited to the first 15 coaches who signup. Click the button below to secure your spot today. Do not delay.