Kettlebell Training for Baseball

I was first introduced to kettlebells by my good friend Zach Even-Esh. Kettlebells are a great training tool to help build work capacity, speed, power and athleticism. They are one of many tools I use in my program for baseball players.  Like dumbbells, barbells, sandbags, tires they are not the focus of my program, instead I use them to add variety to the program and as assistance work after our big barbell lifts.

Why I love Kettlebells

Great for building size, strength, power- While barbells are the best for putting on size and strength kettlebells are also great. Your body does not know whether it’s moving a kettlebell, dumbbell, sandbag or any other training tool.  If you are moving heavy ass weight you will get bigger and stronger no matter if it’s a kettlebell or dumbbell.

Great for increasing work capacity-Timed circuits or high rep kettlebell work will increase your work capacity and strength endurance. For our younger athletes we will perform a number of kettlebell movements in the beginning of the workout to focus on increasing work capacity and to also teach proper form. From time to time, some of our older athletes will perform kettlebell complexes at the end of their workouts for extra conditioning.

Great for increasing athleticism– Kettlebell skill work will teach your body different movement patterns. The ability to do kettlebell presses, snatches, cleans, squats and lunges require a certain amount of stability, mobility and strength. As you get better at performing these movements you will see an increase in your athleticism.

Improve shoulder stability and health-This goes more for my young athletes. Locking out a kettlebell overhead develops shoulder stability and shoulder flexibility.

Versatile– Dumbells are great for most assistance work, however kettlebells give you the ability to do some exercises you can’t do with dumbbells.

Great for developing and building grip strength- As a college baseball player and strength coach, I understand the importance of grip training. Grip training is critical to YOUR success as a baseball player. I decided to reach out to the master of grip training, Jedd Johnson, to give my followers the best possible advice when it comes to building Popeye like forearms. Below is a guest post with brother from another mother, Jedd Johnson.  If you are a baseball player looking to reach the next level, be sure to check it out!!

Great for training the core- Anyone who has ever played baseball can tell you how important the core is in performing basic baseball movements such as swinging and throwing. A strong core is critical to performing optimally and staying healthy

In part II of Kettlebells for Baseball Players I will share the exact exercises my athletes use in their program. Stay tuned!!

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