Discover How You Can Build More Muscle And More Strength In The Next 90 Days Than You Did In The Past Year...Guaranteed.

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Check Out Everything You’ll Discover Inside The ‘Lift Like A MAN’ Training Course:

  • Lift Like A Man Training Philosophy & Mindset…$17…INCLUDED
    What Is The ‘Lift Like A Man’ Philosophy & Why Is It Time For Men To STOP Training Like Boys. You’ll Also Discover The Origin & Mindset Shift Which Will Set The Standard for The Way You MUST Begin Thinking, Eating, Training & LIVING.
  • 4 Week Beginner Program…$27…INCLUDED
    If you’re a beginner or novice lifter (Less than 12 months of serious training under your belt), I’ve created A 4 Week Beginner Program that will prep your body and mind for the upcoming 12 weeks of training inside ‘Lift Like A Man’. Don’t worry, if you feel you are advanced and ready, then go ahead and jump right into the 12 week training course.
  • Lift Like A Man 12 Week Training Course…$67…INCLUDED
    The Step by Step, Set by Set and Rep by Rep, Fully Detailed, 12 Week, ‘Lift Like A Man’ Muscle & Strength Building Course. NO fancy equipment required, just free weights and bodyweight.
  • Exercise Vault…$27…INCLUDED
    Over 100 exercise videos showing you exactly how to execute each exercise properly so you can avoid injury and maximize muscle and strength development.
  • Dynamic Warm-up$17…INCLUDED
    Minute Warm-up Video showing you exactly how to warm-up properly before you your workouts so you can lift more weight safely and effectively.
  • High Intensity Finishers…$17…INCLUDED
    9 Killer finishers that will help you get in amazing shape while shedding fat (without loosing muscle)

This Program Has Been Tested AND Proven On Myself Along With 1,000s of Other Guys Just Like YOU

“…I go to a globo gym and one big thing for me was breaking the mold of how everyone else works out…”

Hey Joe,

Just wanted to give a big thanks to you for the Lift Like a Man program – just finished a week ago.  I gotta admit it’s the first real program I’ve ever followed, and it’s probably the best pick I could’ve made.  I go to a globo gym and one big thing for me was breaking the mold of how everyone else works out and learning to stop giving a sh*t if people think some exercises look weird.

I’m sure I speak for most guys when I say that no one is doing BB hip thrusts or animal walks or floor presses in my globo gym.. not many even do deadlifts!  But what matters is that every workout in the program kicked my ass; I learned lots of new movements; and have gotten stronger than ever before.  Plus I was able to fit it in a busy work schedule… Great program!

Thanks Joe!

Justin A.

“…After using it for the whole 3 months I realized I just achieved what  I never thought I could….”

Hey Joe,

Just wanted to shoot you a quick line about your Lift Like A Man training course. I went into LLAM not knowing what results I’d get, but I went in with an open mind. After using it for the whole 3 months I realized I just achieved what  I never thought I could.

Because of Lift like A Man, I squatted and deadlifted  double my bodyweight and benched my bodyweight.. I was dominating in MMA, slamming opponents never seemed so easy. I was stocked by my strength gains. Aside from seeing dramatic increases in all my major lifts, my conditioning on the mat improved tremendously.

LLAM is the first training program I ever bought, and honestly, I didn’t know what to expect but it was mind blowing. I recommend it to anyone that wants to walk the walk. Not  only look bigger and leaner, BUT actually be stronger and  more athletic.

The main reason why it’s a great training course is because Coach Megzs does a great job in making everything specific, and that’s what makes it a very well developed and result guaranteeing program

Abdul I

“…I’ve been putting on muscle without gaining any fat….”


I’m about halfway through my second run through of the program right now. The results have been great. I’ve been putting on muscle without gaining any fat which is nice but the biggest thing I’ve noticed is my deadlift and especially my squat numbers jumped higher than ever.

During the first run through of the program I put 40 pounds on my squat when it had been pretty stagnant for a few months before hand. I started to see the weight on the bar go up a good anount within a couple of weeks and I am starting to get the body I’ve been looking for.

I didnt think it would be this easy (and this program is definitely not easy) to be able to gain a crazy amount of strength in such a short time period. I’ve been on a program that took a year to build up the same strength that LLAM has done.

And I’ve always believed that this program offers you a kind of mental toughness to push through barriers and make gains that other programs dont have. It just kicks your ass but makes you still want to go out and lift some heavy weight- Thomas Kizzlar

“…I’ve spent years trying to get the results I have gotten in 6 months on Lift LIke A Man…..”

I’ve been following the Lift Like A Man training course for 6 months now. The results have been nothing short of amazing. I’ve always struggled maintaining my weight. I’d gain 5 lbs and then lose 7 lbs then gain 5 lbs and lose 3 lbs, etc. Since I started the Lift Like A Man program and Eat Like a Man nutrition program, I have gained pure muscle and have been able to maintain it… The second result was earlier in January where my team and I were going through weight lifting testing. We maxed out in squats first, which I was able to lift a personal best 405lbs which also was the most weight lifted on my team!

I have used many different weight lifting programs and never really felt a difference in myself throughout that program. After the first month I felt and looked noticeably different with Lift Like A Man. I was bigger, stronger, and faster then ever before. Personally for me, there was no greater feeling than going home to Louisiana after not seeing anyone for about 8 months and them noticing and commenting on how much bigger, muscular I’ve gotten. Even more so my teammates saying the same thing after a few months of not seeing them.

I’ve spent years trying to get the results I have gotten in 6 months on Lift LIke A Man. Really never could I imagine squatting over 400 lbs, or seeing my bench press increase by 50 lbs, lbs or lowering my 30-yd dash time to 4.06 secs. My goal has been to become a 5-tool baseball player and this program has pushed me closer to that goal. This program has changed me mentally. Because of seeing the results I have worked to accomplish really has spiked my confidence in myself, not only in baseball but in general. I look more like an athlete now doing the Lift Like A Man training course than ever before.

-Jonathan Grishman

John G

“…I absolutely loved the clarity and simplicity of.the program: no gimmicks, no bullshit, no empty promises… Just results…..”

As a personal trainer specializing mainly on fat loss and hypertrophy to a secondary degree, I decided a while ago to take the time to learn more abour strength and sport specific training protocols, which led me to read dozens of book.on the subject and eventually purchase Lift Like A Man. During the first 4 weeks of the program I saw noticeable.strength increases in my big lifts (10 lbs on my bench, 20 lbs on my squat, 10 lbs on my deadlift).

I absolutely loved the clarity and simplicity of.the program: no gimmicks, no bullshit, no empty promises… Just results. I can’t wait to see my results after the 12 weeks!. I’d totally reccommmend this program for anyone that’s interested in blasting through old plateaus and looking to get into monstrous shape!

– Dan Moretti

dan mor

“…Just wanted to say thanks again for the llam program and for giving me a sense of dominance and confidence that I haven’t felt in a while….”

Joe,This is not a question, just a quick comment. I just wanted to let you know how awesome the Lift Like a Man program has been for me personally. I have purchased other programs before and have had success, but with the LLAM it has been a different ball game. My strength numbers have went up over 30%, fat loss down 25% without actually losing any weight and overall testosterone is through the roof. Just wanted to say thanks again for the llam program and for giving me a sense of dominance and confidence that I haven’t felt in a while. Take Care.

-Brian Schilperoort

“…I’m into the second week of the Lift Like A Man 4 week preparation program and I’ve gained 7 lbs. I now feel stronger than ever!…”

I’ve recently purchased your Lift Like A Man program and Gaining Weight Made Simple.. To put it simple, I think they’re both awesome! A bit about myself, I’ve always been pretty skinny but I weighed myself on 15th jan 2013 (a day before my birthday) and I was 62.4kg  at 5″10 I was shocked I never realized how light I was!

Now I’m into the second week of the Lift Like A Man 4 week preparation program and the first week of gaining weight made simple and I’ve gained 3kg I now weight 65.4kg and feel stronger than ever ! This is only the beginning I will report back in another month when I’m actually in the main program.. I will keep at it and keep you informed.

I would just like to say thank you for saving us skinny bastards Joe haha these two program’s together are dynamite.


Ant. (From England UK.)

“…Started The Program At A Lanky 196… Now Weigh A Solid 218lbs With Single Digit Body Fat…”

I’ve been following the ‘Like Like A Man’ course for 3 months now and in that time I’ve seen amazing gains. I started the program at a lanky 196 and now weigh a solid 218 lbs with single digit body fat. Not only did I put on 22 lbs of muscle, but also I have seen dramatic increasing in my athletic performance. My 40-yard dash time dropped two tenths of a second and I put 3 inches on my vertical jump on top of ridiculous gains to my bench, squat, dead lift, and clean. I even feel 10x quicker breaking and making cuts on my routes. Every workout was a challenge. If you’re not switching up the exercises, then you’re progressively lifting more and more weight each week. On top of all that I had all the nutrition support I needed to keep me on top of my game. I now look and feel like a BEAST and I already know that with the gains I’ve made and will continue to make, I’ll be a hostile threat on the football field. – Kamil M

“…The ‘Sample Meal Plans’ and ‘How To Eat Like A Man’ Totally Transformed The Way I Ate…”

Hi my name is Patrick Boyle, age 17, and I play 3 Varsity Sports at South Plainfield High School. I started Joe’s program 3 months ago and followed it from A to Z. I started at a skinny 150lbs but I have put on 20lbs of muscle and couldn’t be happier. During the first month of training, the workouts were unlike anything I experienced and I put on 12lbs. One of the biggest changes I made was in my nutrition. The ‘Sample Meal Plans’ and ‘How To Eat Like A Man’ totally transformed the way I ate and it helped me pack on serious muscle. The ‘Lift Like A Man’ workouts are unlike anything I ever experienced. The combination of strength, conditioning and muscle building have turned me into a BEAST. – Pat B

“…How To Lift Like A Man Is Simply Badass!…”

My boy Joe Meglio is certainly no stranger to walking the walk when it comes to training. He’s obviously able to talk the talk as he knows his stuff inside and out, but what gets my respect the most with any strength coach and especially Joe, is when they can show proof that their systems work by living it and doing it in the real world. Not only does Joe do this with himself, but if you were to see the impact he has on his clients and athletes, the guy gets RESULTS! Joe’s program, How to Lift Like A Man is simply badass! What I like most about this system is that not only will it get you looking like a real man, but it will also have you performing like a man as well! You don’t want to be all show and no go! Lift Like A Man is the real deal and I give it the 110% H.A.M. stamp of approval! -Travis Stoetzel

In Addition To The Power Packed ‘Lift Like A Man’ 12 Week Training Course, You Will Also Get These 4 Powerful Bonuses ($116 Value)


The Entire 12 Week, ‘Lift Like A MAN’ Training Course Along With The 4 Power Packed Bonuses (Total Value of $290 ) Is All Yours…

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the Lift Like A Man Program for the next 60 days, RISK FREE. If you are not completely satisfied or impressed with The Lift Like A Man E Course after 60 days, you can return it for a full refund. No questions asked, no hard feelings, just your money back. I stand behind my training 100% & I respect your taking the time to invest in this training course. ALL the responsibility falls on MY shoulders. This is a risk free offer so what are you waiting for? 

Total Value: $290

Massive 91% Discount

ONLY $17 


This Is A Limited Time Offer. Do Not Delay

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Too Advanced For Me?

I have included a 4 week bodyweight preparation program if you feel like these workouts are too advanced for you. After the 4 week bodyweight preparation program, you can move onto the Lift Like A Man workouts if you are ready OR you can repeat for another 4 week cycle.

I only have access to a barbell and some dumbbells, will this program still work?

Absolutely! This program is designed to be done in any big box or globo gym. That is the beauty of this program, all you need are dumbells, barbells and your own bodyweight.

How Many Hours A Week Do I Need To Train For?

Our program is a 3 day split  and each workout should last you 45 minutes up to an hour. So that means you only need to spend about 3 hours a week in the gym so there’s no need to worry about having to spend half of your life training, with The Lift Like A Man training course, you’ll get in and get out while getting the best results possible.

How Long Will It Take Before I See Results?

It typically takes 2 weeks to start to feel stronger and start to see a big difference. Even though you will see results in as little as 2 weeks, training for size, strength and fat loss is a long term process and I do not promote or recommend “get jacked and ripped quickly” schemes.  The bottom line is that you must put in the hard work and time needed and if you do so, your efforts will shine through in the end.

Is Lift LIke A Man just for Serious Athletes?

NO. The Lift Like A Man workouts are designed to build athleticism while blending together strength, power, functional muscle building and fat loss together.

How long does will it take for you to ship my books to me?

There is NO shipping and NO waiting.

This program is a 100% digital downloadable manual. ALL the ebooks plus all the extra videos included are instantly downloadable. You’ll be able to access the training programs within minutes after your investment. You can literally get started on the workouts within Lift LIke A Man immediately.

What if this program doesn’t work for me?

If for some reason your not satisfied with the results that you get from Lift Like A Man, you’re backed by our 100% 60-Day Guarantee so there’s really no pressure or worries to be had on your end.  All the pressure is on me to deliver a valuable program to you.

Total Value: $290

Massive 91% Discount

ONLY $17


This Is A Limited Time Offer. Do Not Delay

NOTE: The ‘Lift Like A Man’ program is a downloadable e-book. A physical product will not be shipped. After you place your order, you will have access to download the ebook as a PDF through Adobe Reader and save it directly to your computer. The e-book format is a PDF and can be viewed on both Macs and PCs. Once you invest in this ebook, you will gain access to the ebook within 5 minutes. If there are any issues please or need support, please send us an email at