Lift Like A Man Q & A

Q: Hey Joe, I’m doing your “Lift Like A Man” course. I did your 4 week prep course and I am now on week 1 of the 12 week course. I have a few questions. One, Can I add weights to my pull ups from week 2 onwards?

A: Hey Nahin, thanks for checking in bro. You can absolutely add weights to your pull-ups from week 2 onwards. In a nutshell, if you can do the prescribed amount of reps easily with reps left in the tank, go heavier. The goal is to leave 1-3  reps in the tank. If you’re leaving more then that, I want you to bump up the intensity by adding more weight.

You can also stick with the same but increase the intensity by doing higher rep sets. I wouldn’t say one method is better then the other, it really depends on what your goals are. If you’re strictly trying to get stronger then I’d go heavier on sets 2 +. If your goal is muscle building and increasing your max pull-ups, do the same weight for higher reps.

Q: Also, I’m doing Farmer walks with plates rather than dumbbells. Is that fine or should I switch? 

A: Nahin what type of plates are you using? If your using plates that have an opening for a grip you should be fine.. If you’re using a standard plate and your holding the plate with your finger tips, then I’d say dumbbells because these types of plates will limit the amount you can walk with. Instead of becoming an exercise that will jack up your upper back it becomes more of a grip exercise (this isn’t bad but the goal with this lift is to jack up your back while building a strong grip).

Q: How different is Floor Press when compared to Bench Press?

A: The main difference between the bench press and the floor press is that the floor press is a partial ROM lift while the bench is a full range. The floor press is typically less stressful on the shoulders and is a great builder of the bench press because it will allow you to improve common sticking points while overloading the triceps. This lift will help build your mid range and lockout strength in the bench press.

Thanks for such an amazing workout plan. I’ve never felt so strong considering I’m coming back from a shoulder problem – Nahin 

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