Lift Like A Man Success Story: Dan Moretti

Lift Like A Man Success Story: Dan Moretti

Guest Post by Dan Moretti

My name is Daniele Moretti, I’m a personal trainer, and I’m no stranger to strength and conditioning. For the past few years I’ve taken my training very seriously. I’d go as far as to say that I was probably too gung ho in the gym, always pushing myself past failure and very rarely taking deload weeks fearing that my ‘gains’ would suffer.

Furthermore, for a long time I didn’t really diversify my training programs, choosing to focus solely on gaining strength.

The truth of that matter is that while I did achieve good strength gains doing my own programming, I found that my progress wasn’t as quick as wanted it to be, and as I got stronger, my gains eventually stopped leaving me feeling frustrated and pissed off.

My biggest problem was that I was always trying to compare myself to the coaches and athletes that I admired, pushing myself beyond exhaustion in the pursuit of similar strength levels. This not only demoralized me but caused me to over train, which again, caused my strength gains to stall.

I heard of Joe Meglio’s lift a Man program through one of the blogs that I subscribe to and decided to give it go. Initially I found that the volume was much lower than what I was used to, which surprised me. It took me a while to change my mindset and to really get comfortable with the lower volume type workouts. I was also a little bit skeptical of the concept of undulating periodization, having been taught to believe to go balls to the wall every set of ever training session.

After Pic

Joe’s program made me shift my paradigm and helped me to really understand the importance of recovery, and for the first time in a while I was able to see noticeable progress in my deads and squats (benches have always been a weak lift for me). I would feel the gym feeling stronger than when I entered, something which was new to me seeing as I formerly wouldn’t be satisfied with a training session unless I was on the verge of passing out.

I loved lift like a man in that it was a no bullshit, straight to the point blue print towards strength gains. There were no gimmicks, no fads and no empty promises. Joe’s program involves hard work and attention to technique, which is something that a lot of ‘experts’ completely ignore.

I was able to add 15 lbs to my deadlift and 20 lbs to my squat in four weeks before an old injury snuck up on me and bit me in the ass. But I’m sure that if I were to get back on the program right now my old PR’s would get shattered by the end of the program.

I feel much more like a badass now that I did before when I was evaluating the effectiveness of my workouts based on fatigue. I’m not tired all the time and step in the gym knowing that I’m getting stronger instead of feeling defeated and frustrated at my lack of results.

Joe knows his shit. His programs are battle tested and have been developed integrating the methodologies of the strength masters of old. You won’t find bosu balls, sauna belts, bow flexes or any other gimmicky bullshit pieces of equipment. Just intelligently programmed iron therapy.
If you want to get strong, fucking pick up this program!

-Dan Moretti

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