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I hope everyone’s having a great week! Sorry I have not posted in a few days. I have been crazy busy training and practicing. Before I get into what is in my kitchen, I would like to thank all the Moore Catholic baseball players that came to the Underground Strength Gym tonight. They killed it!
If you have not read my post on How to Get Ripped, make sure you do so before you read this one. Even if you are trying pack on serious muscle, I still recommend you follow the 8 rules of nutrition I included in that article. Now without any further ado, here is a snapshot into my kitchen, my dorm room.
Fruits- I eat 2-3 servings a day. Favorite times to eat fruit is first thing in the morning, 1 hour post workout and whenever I am on the go or miss a meal with veggies
Vegetables- I try to eat 2-3 cups with every meal. One of my favorite things to do is throw 2-3 cups in the wok and mix it with hot sauce or throw it all in a salad with chicken.
-Baby Carrots
-Sweet Potato
Meat- I can’t help but eat meat, probably more than I should.
-Thin sliced chicken breast
-90% or 96% ground beef
-Turkey Sausage
-Turkey Bacon
– Lean steak
Condiments and Sauces
-Hot Sauce-I am addicted to hot sauce. I will mix it with veggies, chicken, meat, eggs, rice or about anything you can name
-Cinnamon-I throw cinnamon in my tea, oatmeal, protein shakes and on top of sweet potatoes. Cinnamon is great for jacking up your insulin sensitivity.
– Organic Extra virgin olive oil- I use this on may salad and on my low carb days
-Apple cider vinager- See above
-Red wine vinager- See above
-Mrs. Dash seasonings-Great for seasoning meat, chicken and veggies.
Nuts- I use nuts on my low carb days. P+F meals.(protein + fat meals)
-Raw Almonds
-Sliced Almonds
-Organic peanut butter (chunky and smooth)
Carbs-P+C meals (protein + carb meals)
-Organic rice cakes
– Brown rice
-organic whole wheat pasta
-Occasion tea, coffee and crystallite
-Almond milk
Foods to avoid
-All soda
-Packaged and processed foods
-junk foods
While this is not an all inclusive list, these foods make up the majority of my diet. A lot of the food is influenced by my college cafeteria. Whatever they don’t supply, I make sure I have it in my dorm room at all times. Also, for those wondering how many times a day I eat, I usually eat 6-8 times a day. If I am not eating in the cafeteria, I bring food back to my room or cook on the George Forman. You have to make do with what you have. No excuses! I hate when other college students use the excuse that their cafeteria has no “healthy food”. I will also share with you a few tips when it comes to food shopping and eating “healthy”.
Additional Notes
– Never have any foods in your kitchen that will temp you.
-Eat less at restaurants, business meetings and other social gatherings. These arrangements usually have horrible food choices and thus you should try to prepare as many meals at home as possible.
-Remember you want to eat like a CAVEMAN. Keep packaged foods to a minimum. If these foods are healthy, why do you need to be convinced that they are healthy? Do what your mamma told you and eat your fruits and veggies!
-Always keep your kitchen stocked up. If you start to run low, you will be tempted to change your good habits. Don’t let this be an issue. Shop in bulk if necessary. Wholesale stores like Costco or Sam’s Club are great options.
-Cook P+C meals or P+F but never F+C. Fat +carb meals are a recipe for disaster.
-Don’t say “I can’t do this”. Don’t make excuses! Take action and take control of your nutrition.
-Consistency, dedication, and motivation will lead to good eating habits and a lifestyle change.
Lift Strong,

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