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  • The Step by Step, Set by Set and Rep by Rep, Fully Detailed, 12 Week, ‘Lift Like A Man’ Muscle & Strength Building Course. NO fancy equipment required, just free weights and bodyweight.

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“…Started The Program At A Lanky 196… Now Weigh A Solid 218lbs With Single Digit Body Fat…”
I’ve been following the ‘Like Like A Man’ course for 3 months now and in that time I’ve seen amazing gains. I started the program at a lanky 196 and now weigh a solid 218 lbs with single digit body fat. Not only did I put on 22 lbs of muscle, but also I have seen dramatic increasing in my athletic performance. My 40-yard dash time dropped two tenths of a second and I put 3 inches on my vertical jump on top of ridiculous gains to my bench, squat, dead lift, and clean. I even feel 10x quicker breaking and making cuts on my routes. Every workout was a challenge. If you’re not switching up the exercises, then you’re progressively lifting more and more weight each week. On top of all that I had all the nutrition support I needed to keep me on top of my game. I now look and feel like a BEAST and I already know that with the gains I’ve made and will continue to make, I’ll be a hostile threat on the football field.

“…The ‘Sample Meal Plans’ and ‘How To Eat Like A Man’ Totally Transformed The Way I Ate…”

Hi my name is Patrick Boyle, age 17, and I play 3 Varsity Sports at South Plainfield High School. I started Joe’s program 3 months ago and followed it from A to Z. I started at a skinny 150lbs but I have put on 20lbs of muscle and couldn’t be happier. During the first month of training, the workouts were unlike anything I experienced and I put on 12lbs. One of the biggest changes I made was in my nutrition. The ‘Sample Meal Plans’ and ‘How To Eat Like A Man’ totally transformed the way I ate and it helped me pack on serious muscle. The ‘Lift Like A Man’ workouts are unlike anything I ever experienced. The combination of strength, conditioning and muscle building have turned me into a BEAST. – Pat B

“…How To Lift Like A Man Is Simply Badass!…”

My boy Joe Meglio is certainly no stranger to walking the walk when it comes to training. He’s obviously able to talk the talk as he knows his stuff inside and out, but what gets my respect the most with any strength coach and especially Joe, is when they can show proof that their systems work by living it and doing it in the real world. Not only does Joe do this with himself, but if you were to see the impact he has on his clients and athletes, the guy gets RESULTS! Joe’s program, How to Lift Like A Man is simply badass! What I like most about this system is that not only will it get you looking like a real man, but it will also have you performing like a man as well! You don’t want to be all show and no go! Lift Like A Man is the real deal and I give it the 110% H.A.M. stamp of approval! -Travis Stoetzel

This Is A One Time Offer. Do Not Miss Out

Total Value: $163

Massive 84% Discount

ONLY$163 $47 $17

NOTE: The ‘Lift Like A Man’ program is a downloadable e-book. A physical product will not be shipped. After you place your order, you will have access to download the ebook as a PDF through Adobe Reader and save it directly to your computer. The e-book format is a PDF and can be viewed on both Macs and PCs. Once you invest in this ebook, you will gain access to the ebook within 5 minutes. If there are any issues please
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