Muscle Building Meal Plans

Muscle Building Meal Plans

This looks like another solid course and uses the same principles I use with my Athletes and Non Athletes at WST. One of the main reasons I invested in the course was for the nutrition information and this is great the shopping list is very similar to what I give out to those who come to WST however the sample meal plans are great and if you don’t mind I would like to pass on some of these suggested meal ideas to them?  

Also the get ripped info is very interesting something I have heard Zach talk about before but not actually known the full details so its great that this is included with the course.

What I would like to know are the meal plans targeted at those looking to gain some weight and the get ripped example day more for those who want to lose or maintain weight with the goal to get ‘ripped’? -Phil

Hey Phil, thanks for your kind words brother, I am glad you are digging ‘Lift Like a Man’. Now onto your question…these meal plans are geared towards people who are looking to put on lean muscle mass. While it isn’t easy to put on lean mass and loose a ton of fat, it certainly can be done if your nutrition is dialed in.

These meal plans are geared towards helping you build muscle. They are the same meal plans that I use to routinely put 15-25 lbs on athletes and lifters I train. As with anything, the key is consistency. If you constantly follow the ‘Eat Like a Man’ principles and meal plans, you will get bigger and stronger.

 Will you get fat? No you should not but one thing you have to realize is that everybody is different. If I take 2 guy, 1 weighing 170 lbs and another weighing 200 lbs and they follow the same exact meal plan, the results will be different. The key is to understand your body and see what works for you. You will need to adjust the meal plans to get the results YOU want.

The ‘Rapid Road to Getting Ripped’ is my experiment with intermittent fasting. If you are looking to get ripped up for a vacation or just want to walk around with single digit body fat, this is exactly what you need. I saw dramatic results in as little as 2 weeks following this type of diet. While the ‘Rapid Road to Getting Ripped’ is awesome for shredding fat, it is also great for preserving muscle AND enhancing performance.

My energy levels were as high as they ever been when I followed this diet. The only reason why I stopped following it, is I realized it was very hard for me to put on weight and get bigger following it. But if your goal is to get shredded while maintaining your muscle mass, the ‘Rapid Road to Getting Ripped’ is the way to go!

I hope this helped Phil and keep checking in brother!

P.S You will get instant access to the ‘Rapid Road to Getting Ripped’, ’20 Muscle Building Meal Plans’, How to Eat like A Man’ when you invest in ‘Lift Like A Man. Get it now 

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  • Thanks Joe your rapid reply it is much appreciated and is what I thought but just wanted to hear directly from you. With my athletes & non athletes who want/need to drop some weight and body fat I have been giving them meal plans that limits there carb intake especially from pasta, bread etc and tell them they should ‘earn their carbs’ and only after training should they include carbs from grains but with protein as well. However I will experiment with the intermittent fasting set out in your rapid road to getting ripped and look at using it with some of the WST athletes.