Nutrient Rich Food Interview with John Allen Mollenhauer

Today I had the privileged of interviewing John Allen Mollenhauer. This is one of the best interviews I’ve herd in a long time. John Allen will really open up your mind to a whole different lifestyle and make you think outside the box and all the garbage we are fed today through media and magazines. In this interview John Allen talks about what it means to eat nutrient rich and how you can go about transitioning to a nutrient rich lifestyle. We also discuss Eating  Nutrient Rich for Athletes.

John Allen Mollenhauer AKA John Allen or “JAM” is a lifestyle entrepreneur, trainer and coach who spent a significant portion of his adult life identifying the most dependable lifestyle ideas and concepts so that he could escape the confusion avoid overwhelm, exhaustion and the overweight condition that so many people fall prey too. He is a leading authority in what’s called “PerformanceLifestyle” and a cornerstone of the lifestyle is eating Nutrient Rich. He has tried many diets, from the traditional body builders diets to being vegan and just about everything in between, and each brought their diet traps. He finally arrived at eating Nutrient Rich, understanding what that means and becoming a thought leader on the subject with the finest scientific guidance available. He enjoys an active lifestyle, speaking, sharing ideas, traveling and thought leadership, helping people leverage knowledge of the natural experience of life, for health and high performance in today’s relentlessly fast paced world.

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  • Marinetta Paone

    Great article and interview. It was very informative and it was good to hear about the importance of eating plant based foods. Having introduced vegetables and fruits on a daily basis 3 cups in the afternoon and 3 cups at night of veggies and fruits to supplement has been my plan of eating for the past 3 years and I feel better, have more energy and no longer need to take Lipitor or high blood pressure medicine. Hearing this interview reminds me of the importance of maintaining the food plan that is nutrient based through the intake of vegetables and fruits. Thank you Joey for sharing this article and interview…..

  • Great Joe thanks so much!

  • No problem Nancy. Part II will be up soon!