Online Program Design

Online program design is perfect for athletes and serious lifters who cannot train with Joe Meglio because of where they live or due to financial constraint. This service includes 3 months of individualized program design based on your goals. A 3 month commitment is demanded on your part to ensure you are dedicated to reaching your goals and also allows adequate time to get YOU results.

Every week Joe Meglio will email you a training plan for that week. The training plan includes:

  • Specific Dynamic Warm-Ups- These dynamic warm ups will prepare you for your workouts and will address your mobility and flexibility issues.

  • Custom Program Design- This includes the actual workouts you will perform on your own. The program will be designed based on your goals, background and progress.


  • Exclusive Restoration Techniques-These techniques include specific soft tissue exercises to be performed before and after your workouts. They will also be performed on your off days to promote recovery and to get you to move and feel better.


  • Feedback- Every Friday you will be required to email Joe Meglio your training journal. The training journal will be reviewed and you will receive feedback based on how you did and suggestions and tips to further your progress


In addition to receiving a weekly training plan from Joe Meglio, you will also receive:

  • 24/7 Email Support.

  • Nutrition Manual

  • Video Instruction on every exercise

Additional Notes

  • Once you sign up for online program design, you will be required to fill out a profile questionnaire form. These forms are critical to your custom program because they will give Joe Meglio the information he needs to get you started.

  • Each week you are required to email your training journal. This is critical to your overall progress as Joe Meglio can update and critique your program based on your performance.

  • Video footage isn’t required but it is highly recommended as it will give Joe Meglio a great understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, muscular imbalances, mobility and flexibility issues and technique.


All you need to do to receive a customized program for 3 months is 1 payment of $147. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and Joe Meglio will refund your money if you are not satisfied with your results.

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