Performance Nutrition for Athletes

Whether you’re an athlete, serious lifter, or just trying to improve your overall health, nutrition is the key to your success. While there is a lot of information on nutrition out there, a lot of it isn’t practical and very hard to follow. They key to changing your nutrition is to make a lifestyle change. It all starts with eating foods that are rich in nutrients. These foods are not manufactured or processed. If a caveman wouldn’t eat it, neither should you!

Over the last year my nutrition has really evolved. I use to follow a typical bodybuilder diet. This consisted of eating 5-6 whole food meals a day and maybe 1-2 shakes. Pre workout supplementation and during/post workout shakes were a must. I got accustom to this lifestyle and would freak out when I didn’t eat every 3 hours. I was eating a ton of red meat and cycling my carbs. While I always ate a lot of fruit, I wasn’t big into vegetables.

The problem with this lifestyle is it didn’t feel right. I was literally planning my life around my eating schedule.  Also, my stomach couldn’t handle 5-6 food meals a day plus a shake here or there. For the last 3 months or so I have adopted a new philosophy- eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m satisfied. This has been MUCH EASIER for me to maintain. No longer do I live by the clock or force myself to eat just because 3 hours are up.

My philosophy on nutrition now is to eat for optimal health. With optimal health, comes optimal performance. Simply put, you cannot perform at a high level if you are not healthy. I focus on eating foods that are rich in nutrient and will sustain high levels of energy throughout the day. Typically I eat 3-4 whole food meals a day, plus 1-2 small meals. Small meals consist of a protein smoothie or some nuts and fruit.

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  • great post joe. im not an athlet,or a bodybuilder, but im serious about my body and want it work for me well into my ripe old age.AND-the more i know the more i share with others. so cheers my man, and keep’em comin!

  • David,

    Thanks for your comment. I couldn’t agree with you more. Always appreciate when you can share my knowledge with others.

    All the best,


  • Great post Joe,

    It’s interesting how more and more people are coming full circle on this issue, and going back to a more “reasonable” diet. Several recent studies have shown that the multi/mini meal theory doesn’t do all the wonderful things that we thought it did anyway. And like you said..with any nutrition plan COMPLIANCE is the most important variable.

  • Don,

    Your absolutely right. Its all about finding what works for YOU. Just like in training, there isn’t one way of doing things, the same thing can be said about nutrition. If you find a plan or lifestyle that works well for you who is to say that its stupid or wrong? You can’t argue with results my friend.

    I like to keep it super simple and just eat when your hungry and stop when your full and satisfied. If you do this and eat a ton of fruits, veggies and lean protein you can’t go wrong. People put nutrition on this pedestal and make it this impossible way of living. If people just kept things simple they would be able to adopt it as a lifestyle.