Powerlifting and Baseball?


How did you get into the power lifting scene and competing? It seems like a broad jump to go from one to another, especially as a college ball player. Please let me know


Christian, first off thanks for your question. I wouldn’t say I got into the powerlifting scene. Here is the story behind it. The gym right next to the Underground Strength Gym, Apollon Gym, is a big  powerlifting and bodybuilding gym and every 3 months or so they host a powerlifting meet.

2-3 weeks before the meet, some of the coaches I work with and myself decided it would be fun to do the meet and represent the Underground. I really didn’t change my training at all leading up to the meet, especially because it was only a few weeks out. I am not a powerlifter and I can’t tell you how powerlifters prepare exactly but  I can tell you that they prepare for meets well in advanced and follow a periodizaiton model leading up to the meet.

As a college baseball player my first goal was always performance. While it wasn’t the smartest idea to compete in the middle of the off-season, I wanted to do it and in the words of Zach Even-Esh, I took action! Instead of waiting around for the summer, I decided why not go for it and have some fun.

So as far as being a broad jump, I really don’t think it was. With the exception of taking it easy the week before and after the meet, I didn’t change my off-season program. Again, it wasn’t the smartest idea and I certainly would not recommend it to baseball players. But you have to realize that I am also a performance coach. I don’t want to just “talk the talk”, I want to back it up and “walk the walk”. If I expect my guys lift heavy weights, I better be able to lift some heavy stuff myself!

I can teach my guys how to squat and deadlift and bench press because I understand these lifts. I have squatted over 400lbs, deadlifted 600lbs and benched over 315. While these numbers a certainly not that impressive and I certainly don’t consider myself strong, they are respectable numbers for a college athlete and strength coach. What type of coach would I be if I couldn’t lift heavy weight and then ask that from my athletes. Or what type of coach would I be if I asked my athletes to do exercises that I never tried or experimented with?

Zach Even-Esh says this all the time and I completely agree with him “You have to live the code”. Doing a powerlifting meet was a step forward to show my athletes and all my followers that I “live the code” and  I am certainly not spending most of my day sitting behind the computer screen arguing in forums. I am constantly experimenting with my training to see what I like and don’t like. I will do a post in the next week or two with some things that I have done differently but that is another topic for another day 🙂

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