My First Powerlifting Meet..

This Saturday I competed in my first powerlifting meet. By no means do I consider myself a powerlifter but about 5 weeks ago me and three other friends and strength coaches decided to enter the competition for fun.

To be honest I didn’t even really prep for the meet. As a college baseball player, I refused to change my training protocol for a powerlifting meet. I rarely bench press and do straight bar deadlifts. In fact, I only deadlifted with a straight bar a handful of times in the last year. I usually do deadlifts with the trap bar from the high handles on occasion. In the last year I probably have done the bench press with a straight bar maybe 5 times. Instead of benching  I opt for plyo push ups,neutral grip dumbbell benching, ring and chain pushup variations and occasionaly swiss bar bench presses.

I decided to open real light on all my 1st and 2nd attempts of the day. My 3rd attempt was based on how my 2nd attempt felt.

On the squat I decided to open with 315. My 2nd attempt was 365 and it felt real light so I decided to jump to 405. Unfortunately I missed the attempt. If I could go back in time, I would have done 385 on my 3rd attempt because I know I would of hit it. I probably should of played it safe since it was my first meet but I said f**k that, I wanted to set some new personal records. So much for that logic!

The second lift was the bench press. Since I don’t ever really bench press I decided that I would open at 265 which was real light.  Going into the meet I decided no matter how light the weight felt I was going do 285 on my second attempt and 305 on my third attempt. I hate benching with the straight bar because  it kills my left shoulder and for me personally, the risk isn’t worth the reward. I am much better off doing movements that yield the same results but are less risky.

The third and final lift of the day was the deadlift. This was the lift I was waiting all day for, it is by far my favorite lift. Even though I don’t do it all that often, it is the lift I know best. I decided to open up safe with 475. It was EASY so I decided to bump it up to 515 for my second attempt. I probably should of went heavier here but s**t happens. 515 went up real fast so I decided to go for the New Jersey State Deadlift Record which was 570. I pull 575 with relative ease and decided to go for 600 on my fourth attempt and break my own record. It was a grind and I got it up and I was confident I had it I didn’t even look at the judges. Unfortunately I got blue lighted and I really am not sure why. You can check out all four of my deadlift attempts below.

At the end of the day I ended up taking first place in my weight class and division. I set the NJ State Deadlift record for the 198 weight class and Junior division with 575 lbs. There were no records for the squat and total so I set those with 365 squat and TOTAL of 1,245. These numbers aren’t that impressive at all but I will take it for my first powerlifting meet. All in all it was a great experience and unlike anything I have experienced. The hardest adjustment was waiting around in between each lift. It wasn’t so bad in between attempts but waiting over an hour between each lift was a challenge. The biggest lesson I learned is that no matter who you are and how strong you think you are, chances are you are really weak as hell. This is a lesson I already knew but this meet really put that into perspective for me. I am looking forward to competing again this summer once college baseball is over.

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