Proper Lifting Technique VS Intensity

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There’s a time where you can loosen up your technique and push for greater intensity.

BUT….. Before we move onward & upward, let me preface that “time” with this:

This is NOT a beginner or even an intermediate technique. You see, there is a BIG difference between being sloppy on technique and NOT working the muscle VS loosening the technique a bit to work the muscles AND the mind even harder.

I’m not going to tell you that you’re a beginner with 6 months of experience or an intermediate after 12 months experience, etc. I’ve seen guys who have been lifting for over a decade and they still look like beginners.

Here is when you can properly “cheat to gain”….

As you’ll see in the videos below with our college wrestlers, they are pushing the intensity VERY high!

There are specific movements that lend themselves to some body motion, aka “cheating” while other lifts are NOT suitable for extra body sway.

As you can see, the exercises that are NOT to be swayed with are exercises such as:

– Powerlifts

– Olympic Lifts

Heck, I’m NOT even a fan of kipping pull ups although if you need a slight kick to finish the final rep of a high rep set and you are a 99% strict pull up trainee, yes, NOT the end of the world.

On movements like shoulder raises, our goal is not to merely use this as some sissy exercise to isolate the lateral deltoids. These athletes are NOT bodybuilders, they are training for combat and using 15-20 lb dumbbells are not going to take them closer to victory.

We let these advanced lifters throw in some body motion to lift heavier, lift more explosively and to develop more intensity & aggression, a critical trait amongst successful wrestlers & combat athletes.

I’ve used this cheating motion when performing cheat curls as have MANY other successful bodybuilders. Lifting heavier in the barbell or dumbbell cheat curl to enable myself or my athletes to hit the shoulders, traps, forearms, back AND the biceps.

As you can see, both ADVANCED athletes AND bodybuilders can find movements that allow some slight body motion, allowing them to move heavier weights, adding greater muscle tension AND also reducing some joint strain.

This style of “cheating” or as I prefer to call it, “Body English” has been used for as long as I’ve researched. Back in the 60s, Bill “Peanuts” West, George Frenn and crewwere performing various types of box squats, one variation was with an added, slight rocking motion to enable greater loads in the squat. Once again, these men were ADVANCED.

Here’s what I mean……

College Wrestling Workout at The Underground Strength Gym

The training of a wrestler VS someone focused on developing a bodybuilder physique will take on a different role.

The wrestler is trying to turn ALL movements into full body movements, often times incorporating hip power into exercises as it has been engrained in them to do from day 1 on the mat.

In athletes, if ALL training is perfect and the technique is never challenged and pushed to higher intensity levels, these are the same athletes who are more often than not injured during competition because they are NOT used to putting their bodies into positions outside of a perfect position during high intensity actvity.

So, use your common sense.

But at the end of the day, don’t train like a you know what. Do the WORK and be Intense.

Now, enough typing and talking, time to DO The WORK and TRAIN!



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