Q & A Friday: Question # 1

Q & A Friday: Question # 1

Today is the fist Q & A Friday. I was having some technical difficulties with my camera so I was not able to get a video of this. Anywhere, here is what I have for you today…

Question from Thomas B:

I’m workiing on building up a group of athletes with my 2 other athletes i have. How do you keep the ones you work with on task and keep the intensity up. I find there may be alot of down time. Like lets say you guys are deadlifting and there are 6 in a group what are the 4 others doing if 2 are deadlifting

Thomas great question man, this is where having a kick ass atmosphere will come into play. The key to answering your question is to always have these guys moving. If I had 6 athletes deadlifting this is exactly what I would do.

1 Guy deadlifting

1 Guy on deck ready to go

Once you are done deadlifting you hit 5 pull-ups or 3 broad jumps

Whoever is standing a round is doing BPA or doing a “filler” exercise to improve a mobility restriction they have.

The key is to have everybody around moving and doing something. Keep the intensity up but, if your deadlifting and the goal is strength just make sure whatever they do in-between sets isn’t taking away from the main lift. That’s why I have my athletes do exercises like submaximal pull-ups, jumps and mobility drills.

If we are doing an exercise like the squat then here is what I would do…

1 guy squatting

Whoever is going next will be spotting from behind.

Whoever is on double deck will be spotting from the right side (of the guy squatting)

Whoever is on triple deck will be spotting from the left side (of the guy squatting)

The other two guys will do subaximal pull-ups, jumps or work on a mobility restriction.

After each guy is done squatting you rotate clockwise.

In a nutshell this is what I do when working with a large group. If the group is too large and I didn’t have enough barbells, I would just scrap the exercise and choose the dumbbell version of it for the day.

For example, instead of doing squats we may do kettlebell goblet squats, sandbag squats or double kettlebell squats.

Instead of the bench press way may do dumbbell pressing, or weighted push-ups.

As a strength coach, you have to be able to adjust on the fly. No matter how awesome of a program you write, there is a good chance you will have to alter it based on many factors like how your athletes are feeling, how many athletes are in the gym etc…

I hope this answered your question Thomas, keep checking back in!

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