Recommended Resources

These resources below are what got me stated in the Strength And Conditioning Industry. If it wasn’t for me joining the Underground team 3 years ago, I would NOT be where I am today. If you are looking to kick some serious ass in the gym while also educating yourself, these are the resources you need to get started:

Training & Educational Resources


 Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets  16 week body weight training program geared towards packing on functional muscle, developing brute strength, explosive speed & power, while getting lean & mean. 


The Underground Strength System The Ultimate Underground Strength Training guide. If you want the blueprint for how we do thngs here at the Underground, then this is exactly what you are looking for.


Mental Toughness & Brute Force Workouts  These workouts will be build mental toughness by pushing your mind and body past limits you didn’t know you can achieve. **Warning** These workouts are not for the mentally weak. As Zach Even-Esh say’s “you gotta get comfortable, being uncomfortable”. This is exactly what these workouts will do for you.


BEAST Strength 2.0 6 Months of BEAST workouts, carefully programmed for the unique blend of brute strength, explosive power, stamina and mental toughness.

Beasts & Freaks of Strength Playlist 15 Audio interrogations with the industries top guys like Zach Even-Esh, Joe DeFranco, Jim Wendler, Martin Rooney plus many more. I’ve listened to each one of these audios one dozen times and the value in these audios are priceless.



The Underground Strength Sandbag Assault Course Discover the top 24 sandbag exercises to build muscle and increase strength. You will also get 11 underground sandbag workouts along with a how to make a sandbag tutorial.

 Lift Like A Man 16 week program geared towards getting you STRONG & JACKED. These are the exact type of workouts I use with my athletes & lifters, as well as my own training.


Deadlift Like A Man 12 Week training program geared towards increasing your deadlift. These are the exact type of workouts I used to add 200lbs on my deadlift in 13 months.

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