Shoulder Traction

band traction

What is band traction?

Shoulder traction is a mobilization technique used with a jump stretch that will help improve shoulder health. In a nutshell, band traction will help create space between the shoulder joint. Creating space in-between the joints is important because without enough space, the rotator cuff is more likely to be impinged.

Who should use band traction?

  • People that have dealt with any type of shoulder pain and want to get health
  • People that want to avoid shoulder pain and remain healthy
  • People that have a hard time pressing overhead without going into lumber extension
  • People that feel “tight” in the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint.
How to perform band traction?
  • In order to perform shoulder traction you will need a jump stretch band (the average band works best).
  • Hook it up to a power rack, attach it on your wrist and use your arm as an anchor (see video below).
  •  Once you are set up, just move around around.
  • It is an organic process  There is no right or wrong way to do traction, just feel it out see what feels good.
  • Your shoulders will start to feel better instantly!
To see what band traction for your shoulder looks like check out the video below:
Whether you currently suffer from shoulder pain or just want to prevent shoulder pain, shoulder traction is the way to go. Want to learn more awesome ways to stay healthy and lift heavy weights?  What do you think of band traction? Drop a comment below:)

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