Sick of Your Gym

Okay so this will not be the most popular post I will ever write because it may offend some people. This post is dedicated to the serious lifter or anyone who is truly dedicated to training and cannot stand training at their gym.

First let me describe what your typical gym looks like. Upon entering you notice that there are countless cardio machines with a personal TV attached to each one, hundreds of strength training machines, BUSO balls and every other fitness gimmick known to man. Aside from the fitness equipment, you notice that there is a juice bar and Britney Spears music blasting through the speakers. Before you take another step into the gym you are harassed by the first sales associated that lays their eyes on you. Shortly after that, they attempt to set you up with a trainer who more than likely never squatted or deadlifted properly in their life. Instead, they are too busy doing body squats on a BOSU ball or teaching their clients the anatomy and physiology behind a bicep curl. As if this is not appalling enough, you then see that the gym has a “no chalk” sign on the wall. You then take a look at the rest of the gym and notice that there is only one power rack. While this is completely unacceptable, waiting for the skinny bastard in front of you to finish his bicep curls in the rack is far more nauseating. As you continue to check out the gym you see that there is no Glute Ham Raise, no reverse hyper, no heavy dumbbells and so on.

These are just some of the issues that are prevalent throughout most gyms you will see in your lifetime. Now for what you all have been waiting for…How to avoid these gyms? First, keep looking for a new gym. If there are none in your local area, keep looking within a certain distance. You will be doing yourself a huge service by finding a serious place to train at! Not only does the atmosphere at typical gyms suck, but you are also surrounding yourself with people who do not share the same passion for iron as you do. Get your ass over to a serious gym and start training with people who are stronger than you! For those of you who live in New Jersey or New York City, and are willing to step your game up, and are ready to train at a private club where only animals train, contact me for more info. I am a strength coach at the Underground Strength Gym and I am always looking for serious lifters to train. If you think you are a beast training at your local gym or university, you haven’t seen jack yet!

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  • Lee

    I am so sick of all the gyms in my area. I have to revert to setting up my own gym at home. Yes it will cost me a grip of money but in the long term it will be worth every penny. Everybody needs to be reminded of what real training is all about, not this pseudo training everyone thinks is training. Long live the hardcore trainers/trainees…

  • Hey Lee,

    Thanks for your comment. Can’t be a home gym. Have you made some homemade equipment? Where do you live? Maybe I can recommend a REAL GYM to you.

    PS If you like my post feel free to join my email list to stay connected 🙂

    All the best,

    Joe Meglio

  • Bryan T

    Awesome post and 100% true! I usually feel like u don’t fit in and everybody looked at me weird when i trained at a globogym.

  • Bryan,

    If you are getting weird looks at a globo gym, chances are you are doing something right 🙂