So You Want to be Ripped?

6 Principles for Getting the Body YOU Want

The following guidelines are simple guidelines to follow, however for some reason most people fail to follow these rules and thus wonder why they cannot lose body fat. There is no magic bullet or supplement when it comes to loosing body fat but instead like most things in life it takes dedication and consistency. Now without any further ado:

1. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied. I use to think that you would have to eat 5-8 meals a day to be in an anabolic state. It wasn’t until I attended a Jon Hinds Seminar at the Underground Strength Gym and did an audio interview with John Allen Mollenhauer. They really changed my outlook on meal frequency by really making it simple. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied. Eat again when you’re hungry.

2. Start eating a plant based diet. Avoid all processed and refined food, hence any food that comes out of a box or wrapper. If you need to be convinced by a commercial or an advertisement that a specific type of food is healthy, you must avoid it! Do you hear the media try and convince you that water, fruits and vegetables are healthy? No, this is because it is common knowledge and most people are looking for easier solutions than eating their greens.  Grass fed beef, free range chicken and eggs, raw nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables should all be staples in your life. The list does not end here however it is a start!

3. Eat fruits and/or vegetables with each meal. Veggies are the most nutrient rich food known to man. They should consume the bulk of what you eat.

4. Stop eating dairy. Studies have shown that dairy is toxic to the body. It is also inflammatory and most people cannot handle lactose even if you are not diagnosed as lactose intolerant. Think about this. How is it that humans are the only animals to drink another animals milk. Does this make any sense to you? Instead of drinking regular milk, substitute it with almond milk

5. Drink only water. Cut out all soda, Gatorade, and any beverage with calories in it. Once you do this try to cut out all diet soda. Get use to drinking water! Because it comprises so much of our body, water is the most important nutrient!

6. Eat whole foods. Avoid consuming a ton of protein bars and shakes. Over 90% of these supplements are filled with artificial crap that is toxic to our body. It is also hard to justify spending so much money on these supplements because they yield little to no results and do not offer any health benefits.

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