Strongman Training for Baseball Players

Why Strongman?

Strongman training is a proven system to improve almost every asset needed to become a better baseball player. This type of training will help you improve physical strength, power, speed, explosiveness and strength endurance. Not to mention the mental toughness you will develop. Strongman training improves real world strength and man strength.  This type of training isn’t for baseball players who like wine, cry, or get their hands dirty. It is for those who want a competitive edge over the competitive both physically and mentally.

How does it apply to baseball?

Baseball is a power sport that includes short and explosive burst. Like strongman training, the motor skills in baseball require the body to work as a whole to produce forceful contractions.  The awkwardness and unpredictability of strongman training, forces the body to use muscles that tradition strength training cannot use. Strongman training can help bridge the gap between the weight room and performance on the diamond.

How to incorporate strongman?

The beauty of strongman training is the variety if offers.  There are 100s of different ways to incorporate strongman training into the training of baseball players. The key is to find out which movements work best for YOUR athletes. I have found the best strongman exercises for baseball players to be tire flips, hand over hand pulls, heavy sled dragging and farmer walks.

Here is the workout we performed today:

1) Tire Flips- Warm up 2 x 3 @450lbs,working sets 3 x 2,3,4 @600lbs

2) Farmer Walks- 2 X 400 lbs

3) Sled Drags- 8 plates 2 X lot

4) HOH Sled Pull-4 plates 2 x

This is just one example of how to incorporate strongman training into a baseball players program. Another great idea would be to include one strongman lift as a main exercise like tire flips, log press or farmer walks and follow it up with traditional weightlifting methods. You can also use a movement like farmer walks, hand over hand pulls, sled dragging or tug of war as a finisher.

Before you implement strongman training, choose your exercises carefully. Remember the goal of any good training program for baseball players should keep them healthy and ready to compete at the athlete’s highest level by the start of the season.

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