Success Story of Jonathan Grishman

College Baseball Player Success Story

Below is the story of Jonathan Grishman. John is from Louisina but was playing baseball in the ABCCL this summer in New Jersey. For the past 2+ weeks John has been training under my guidance along side other like minded college baseball players.

In the past 2 weeks, John has made some tremendous progress, not only physically but mentally as well. Check out this powerful success story below…

“…This Training Has Pushed Me To Limits I Didn’t Even Know I Could Get Too…”

As you can see in the video, training is about much more about then just the physical results. While John, has become faster, more explosive and noticed a huge difference in how he is swinging the bat and fielding his position, more importantly he is mentally prepared for whatever comes his way. Baseball is just as much mentally as it is physically. How you deal with adversity will determine what type of ball player you are. The best baseball players are those that are consistent and have the wherewithal to fight out of slumps and the mental toughness to keep moving forward.

Here are before and after pictures of John after only two weeks of training. What’s even more important then these pictures is John’s progress on the baseball diamond.

Check Out John After ONLY 2 Weeks Of Training

“It was mind blowing much faster I got, only after 2 weeks. I feel more agile and explosive after only 2 weeks.”-John

John is a great kid, I am expecting big things from him this year on the baseball field. I do know one thing for sure. Whenever John faces a moment of weakness next year or struggles, he will think back to the past two weeks of training at the Underground and will find the mental toughness to not give up, to fight through the tough times and keep moving forward.

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