Synergy Athletics Seminar Recap

synergy athletics

This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the first ever Synergy Athletics Seminar at Joe Hashey’s gym in upstate New York.  I have been dieing to visit Joe’s gym so needless to say I was extremely pumped up to for this seminar.

My friend and fellow strength coach, John Gaglione, and I woke up at 5 A.M. Sunday morning to make the 4 hour trip up to the seminar and Joe certainly did not disappoint!

For the first hour or so we talked about periodizaion and exercise selection. We then started the A.M workout which was a dynamic upper body day. Check out the workout highlights in this kick ass video below.


After the workout we had a quick lunch and then got into the afternoon session. During this time we covered conditioning for various sports and then started the afternoon workout, a max effort lower body day. Needless to say both these workouts kicked my ass. I learned a ton of new exercises in the warm up and in the workout that I immediately incorporated into my program for my athletes. the following day.

The day finished up with a discussion on program design, battling ropes and muscle recovery.

All in all this was an awesome seminar that I highly recommend to strength coaches who want to learn from one of the best coaches in the industry. I learned a ton of real world information that was applicable to the athletes that I train.  Not only was the learning experience great but I also networked with other strength coaches. If you are a strength coach who wants to kick some serious ass  make sure you attend the next Synergy Athletics Seminar!


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