The Best Single Leg Exercise EVER?

best single leg exercise

Coaches will always argue whether or not athletes should squat heavy. This isn’t what this post is about. Instead, I am going to share my favorite single leg exercise with you.

While single leg exercises are not the meat and potatoes of my training program they do play an important part of overcoming muscular imbalances and keeping my athletes healthy. If you can be single on one leg you sure as hell can be stable on two.

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The Best single Leg exercise ever…


Since this is defiantly an advanced exercise, most athletes will fine with sticking to the basics but this is an awesome exercise to add to your library once you already master single leg exercises.

 Why is this single leg exercise superior to others?

-Safety Squat Bar-Compared to the straight bar, the safety squat bar is much easier on the shoulders because it does not lock your shoulders into external rotation. This is why it is a much safer option for baseball players and overhead throwing athletes.

-Chains: Single leg exercises already require stability to perform the exercise properly. Want to progress and make it harder? Start adding chains into the equation, your body will have to stabilize a helluva lot more.

How many reps and sets?

I recommend 3-4 sets of 5-8 reps. This exercise requires a ton of stability and strength to perform properly. Not to mention this will leave you sore for days! For these reasons you do not have to go crazy with the volume.

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