The Most Underated Component of 6 Pack Abs

The Most Underated Component of 6 Pack Abs

This is a guest post by Joe Carabase,

I’m sure you know bodyfat is the most important component to six pack abs as no matter how many abs muscles you have, you will not see them if they’re covered with juicy fat.

From there the focus seems to be just on rectus abdomines (beach abs) and more recently traverse adominsus through stabilization exercises.

What about the Olbiques?!

If your goal is to be scrawny with six pack abs, go to

But that’s not what you want. You are here because you want an athletic , lean body.

3 Things You Need To Know about Your Oblique’s

1. Perception really is everything: There are specific things you can do to ulter the eye’s perception of your body, to essentially make a certain area of your body look better without improving it.

In the case of having six pack abs, defined obliques will make whatever abs you have pop where as no definition will hide those same abs.

2. While spot reduction (or training one specific area and get it ripped) is a myth, building muscle in both your internal and external obliques will help rid those chubby handles of love, should you have them. The External Oblique is under the rectus abdominis (or beach abs) and to the side. It also causes rotation of the trunk and spine. The internal oblique is located under the External oblique and will help in forced respiration as well as drawing in to maintain posture.

3. Rotational power is predicated on your oblique strength: You will hit the ball further if you properly train your oblique muscles. In addition to torso power, rotational efficiency is something else to consider. The more efficient you can get rotating across your torso, the better swing you will have and the less energy you will use swinging.

How to incorporate obliques training into your workout

You need to be consciously training your obliques at least once a week. When training them, make sure to include the following: •

  • Stabilization

• Rotation

• Anti-rotation

Rotational Exercises as Cardio?

We’re talking high intensity interval cardio not about not about skinny Abercrombie kid cardio where you run for long periods of time

Rotational movement makes for great finishers. If you’re not doing finishers, you need to step up your game! Finishers are essentially considered muscle building cardio or intervals where you keep your heart rate up through pairing full body movements together. Adding finishers to the end of your workout will help you build more muscle and burn more body fat through elevating your post-workout resting metabolic rate.

Rotational movements are great for finishers because they require intense and multi-joint movement. I recommend to pick any one or two rotational exercises and create a high intensity interval as your finisher.

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