The Pursuit of Happiness

What is your PASSION in life?

Growing up I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life.  I entered college as an accounting major because I thought they made good money. Back then I didn’t know what it meant to do something that you loved to do. It wasn’t until I actually took an accounting class that I said to myself, is this really what I want to do for the next 40-50 years of my life? Can I honestly see myself doing this day after day, week after week, year after year? My answer HELL NO!!

Without having a clear vision of where you want to go in life or what you want to become you will never find your true passion. I then decided to do some more soul searching to really find my passion in life. It wasn’t until I met Zach Even-Esh that I discovered my true passions in life. Being around Zach has given me inspiration and motivation that I didn’t know I had in me.  I don’t even think he knows how big of an impact he has had on my life. It is a true privilege to be surrounded by someone who really has a passion for what they do for a living. His integrity, passion, motivation and commitment is unlike anybody I know.

I value family, strength, baseball and the ability to change lives of the people around me. These values motivate me to do what I do day in and day out. While I am far away from where I want to be in life, I have a clear vision of what I want to accomplish. I know through hard work, commitment and dedication I will be able to achieve my goals. Will it be easy? HECK NO. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. You must commit 100% to your craft, regardless of what it may be.

Most people are too scared to chase their dreams because their afraid of failure and FACING ADVERSITY. When things are going well its easy to sit back and let the good times roll  but how are you going to act once things don’t go your way? A true measure of character is how you deal with adversity. Are you going to quite? Are you going to make excuses? Or are you going to face it head on and accomplish what you set out to do? If you are afraid to fail you will never be truly happy. Surround yourself with people who are positive and encourage you to chase your dreams and live your passion. People who are negative are going tell you, YOU CANT. They will laugh in your face, they will tell you that you are crazy, they are going to TRY to hold you back. I challenge YOU to chase your dreams and do what you love doing. Don’t let anyone get in the way of what you want to achieve and more importantly DON’T BE AFRAID TO FAIL.

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  • george

    coach joe this is an excellent blog. it is absolutely true. take it from someone who had no idea of what i wanted to do with my life , and who wound up at a job (albeit it a steady one) for 25 years now. with a family to support there is no “out” for me. ……………………..but !!!! i have an adjusted dream!!!! i want to get to retirement collect my pension and than be able to get a high school baseball coaching job. baseball has been my passion my whole life and i would love to be able to collect my pension and teach kids baseball. there are many coaches who have showed me over the years how NOT to do things. ill keep tabs on you joe. i hope you earn your living doing what you love. ill let you know how mine goes. sincerely geo

  • George,

    Thanks for your comment. Sometimes in life their are more important things than doing what you love. Family always comes first. Hopefully when you retire you will start to do what you love doing and have the best of both worlds! I really appreciate the support!

    Joe Meglio