The Truth About Supplements

Email: Hey man my names Casey. What I’m looking to do is just bulk up my upper body quickly. I’m gunna start going to the gym again but I really was hoping I could take something no matter what it is I don’t care but I just wanna get big.


First off, I would like to thank you for your email. I take your email to heart because I know there are 100’s and 1000’s of kids out there your age, that are looking for the magic supplement that is going to get them big. First and foremost, there is no such thing as a magic supplement that will get you big. If any personal trainer or sales person at GNC tells you otherwise, they are full of shit. I am sure you have friends that swear by certain supplements, but it is mostly mental. The funny thing with supplements is that if you believe it will work, then you will see better results. You can trick your body into thinking that this pill is going make you train harder, but in fact the reason why you are training harder is because you are more motivated to. As I mentioned before, the supplement industry is a billion dollar industry that has one goal in mind and that is TO MAKE MONEY. The competition between companies is a matter of who markets their product better and who can make the most ridiculous claims like, “INCREASE YOUR STRENGTH BY 865%” or “GAIN 10 LBS OF MUSCLE IN 10 DAYS”. Not only are these claims outrageous but they are false. If you refer back to my previous article, you know that gaining 10 lbs of muscle in 10 days is complete B.S. In addition to these ridiculous claims, these companies give the most outrageous names to their products.

The number of supplement companies that are actually legitimate are far and few between. Check out this list to see all the supplement companies banned by the NFL. This list does not mean that these companies are “bad” but it means that some of their products may contain banned substances by the NFL. In fact, Biotest, one of the companies on this list, is a company that manufactures quality products that I often recommend to my athletes. Unfortunately because one of their products contains a banned substance they are included on the list. This brings me to my next point: Why spend money on supplements that could potentially be detrimental to your long term health?

Instead of spending $100 on useless and harmful supplements, focus on your TRAINING and NUTRITION. Remember that supplements are meant to complement your training and nutrition. When used properly they can in fact enhance your training and progress. However, if you are not following my 8 rules of nutrition, YOU SHOULD NOT EVEN BOTHER USING SUPPLEMENTS. If your diet is shit, your results will be shit, regardless of what type of supplements you are taking. You are what you eat! Lastly, nothing can replace HARD WORK. In order to get big you need to train your balls off.

Casey, before I give you a list of supplements I would recommend, I want to make sure that the points I have made have hit home with you and that you will focus on your nutrition and training before you start using supplements. I understand that you think you need to take the hottest and most advanced product out there to get big but the truth is you don’t. There is no substitute for hard work and you can’t out train a shitty diet. I hope this post has opened your eyes to the importance of training and nutrition and has raised your awareness of all the B.S within the supplement industry. Lastly, I will be more than happy to discuss a proper nutrition and training program that will help you reach your goals.

Lift Strong,

Joe Meglio
Performance Enhancement Coach

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