Top 10 Reasons Why You Train Like a Panzy

This is a guest post from Zach Even-Esh

Every now and again I crank a rant. Sometimes ya gotta just say it like it is.

My friend, Johnny Drama is also fired the fuck up! See what he has to say, how pissed off he is, and then see what I have to say below…..

I’ve received too many e mails from people wondering why they can’t pack on the muscle or get stronger. They have a million excuses as to why this or that doesn’t work for them.

Too many people asking for everything to be handed to them on a silver platter.

Too many shit talkers.

One dude e mailed me stating he cancelled his membership to and then followed that up with 5 BIG questions. Is that rude, stupid or BOTH?

In business, I receive countless rude e mails telling me they are going to stop by my gym and see how I do things. Thanks for inviting yourself :) I never spent a dime on my business education and since I don’t know you and you’re so polite, feel free to stop by.

If some people were a bit nicer and had better manners things would have been different.

The first time I e mailed Joe DeFranco asking to stop by and do a Q & A with him I said this, “I know you’re extremely busy and I value your time. I’d be willing to pay you whatever the investment is for an hour of your time, or whatever time you have available.”

I payed him less than 2 weeks away from my wedding which was a time when I was in serious financial troubles but I KNEW that I needed a mentor and I KNEW that the investment would return 10 fold. It has returned infinitely.

I guess 5 years later everything is supposed to be free and easy. Does anybody realize that success requires work?

Feel free to shout out your own rants in the comments section. Some people really shock me with their rudeness, laziness, jealousy, trash talking, and sense of entitlement.

On with the show…

Top 10 Reasons Why You Train Like a Panzy….

1. You can’t get stronger. Fucking add weight to the bar and crank the tunes. Stop being scared of the weights.

2. You can’t gain muscle. You’re not training hard enough, period. You train like a pussy and eat like a bird, enough said.

3. You think dumbbells can’t do the job. I have a 150 lb dumbbell in my gym. If you can snatch it, clean & press it, floor press it, row it, carry it and swing it, you ARE a strong MoFo! Dumbbells work, and if they don’t work, it means you ain’t workin’ hard enough.

4. You keep looking for the “Secret Sauce”. Stop looking for the secret supplement. You won’t find results in a bottle or a jar. Earn it, SON!

5. You have NO passion for strength and muscle. If you don’t love the iron you will NEVER gain strength and muscle as fast as the next guy who loves wrapping his hands around a heavy barbell or dumbbell.

6. You’re a Fucking Quitter. Push yourself to the limit. Train hard. Stop popping zits in the mirror and checking your hair. The set ends when you have pushed past your limits.

7. You use a cell phone while training. Do you check text messages or take phone calls when training? You SUCK!

8. You don’t Deadlift. This exercise ain’t pretty. Squat down, grip it and rip it. And NO, the leg press is not a substitute!

9. You don’t Squat. Putting BIG weights on your back is no joke. Squatting heavy AND for high reps will shock your body into new growth.

10Your stomach always hurts. If you eat like shit your stomach will always bother you. Stop eating like shit and do what needs to be done to improver your fitness. If not, you will always be nauseous. Get in shape and commit to yourself. And guess what, sometimes you just might throw up. Oh well.

That’s my rant.

I’m tired of the half assers and tired of the free loaders.

I’m tired of the quitters, the whiners and complainers.

Tired of the jealous assholes who feel entitled to everything.

It’s called WORK.

Step up, train hard, work hard and get your hands dirty.

Till the next time…


PS: Add your rant in the comments section. I can’t wait to read your thoughts!

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  • Frank DiMeo

    Z, is right whether or not people like how he says it!
    It still amazes me to see how pathetic our culture has become.
    Thank GOD there are still a small percentage of hardcore, tough, mature, responsible, smart people out there that fight the wars, protect our neighborhoods, run into burning buildings to save others.

  • Well said Frank!!

  • jeff

    I think the only thing I would cross those bridges for is to train at underground and learn as much as I can from zach, the iron community is in a downward spiral with planet, LA, and douche bag fitness letting people think its ok not to deadlift or bust your ass training. I’m supremely jealous of anyone who lives close to this guy and defranco and if you’re not already training there then step it the fuck up and learn how to be a beast

  • Matt

    Zack is damn right! At the moment I have to train in shitty corporate gym which I hate and the staff don’t take too kindly to me either; too much grunting, dropping the weights, doing ‘dangerous’ exercises – what the fuck??? Now I am no way the biggest dude in my gym nor the strongest but I tell you this: nobody trains like me – nobody even comes close! Seems to me the pussies in my gym just want to hang out in gym clothes and, yes, I really do have morons checking their hair in the mirrors! Get real! This is a fucking gym! It’s a place to train! A place of hard work! Not a fricking social club. I’m slowly but surely building up my arsenal of toys and so far got myself 3 kettlebells, a couple

  • Matt

    … of sandbags and a jungle gym. What was that old song? ‘We Gotta Get Outta This Place’. Once again, Zack is just saying what needs to be said. Keep on keeping on brothers!

  • Matt

    … of sandbags and a jungle gym. How does that old song go? ‘We gotta Get Outta This Place’.

  • Nice Matt! Keep on kicking ass!