Top 4 Fatal Deadlift Mistakes: Part III

Top 4 Fatal Deadlift Mistakes: Part III

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The 3rd HUGE mistake I see guys make on the deadlift is deadlifting too heavy too often. Compared to the other “big lifts” the deadlift is the most taxing on the body so with that said it’s important to follow a systematized approach to building your deadlift, like in Deadlift LIke a Man.

I hope you never find yourself maxing out like this dude…

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Typically speaking, the weaker you are, the more often you can deadlift heavy because you are not putting out large outputs. The stronger you get, the less often you should deadlift heavy because your outputs are much greater and therefor the deadlift becomes more taxing on the body.

While it’s important to train the deadlift heavy, there is a time and a place for it and you will actually get better results by using submaximal weights. Submaximal weights refer to weights less then 90% and NOT training till failure.

There are two reasons why submaximal training is king:

1-Allows you to master your technique.

Using proper technique in the deadlift is critical to not only your health but also adding lbs to your lift.  If your technique is shit and you are using heavy weights, that is a recipe for injury. Also, if your technique sucks you will never get the most out of  your deadlift. Using submaximal weights will allow you to grove your technique and really focus on improving it

2- Use submaximal weights

The other benefit to using Sub-maximal loads is you can press with maximal speed. Dr. Fred Hatfield, president of the International Sports Sciences Association, refers to this as compensatory acceleration training. Generally, when people train with sub-maximal loads, they do more reps; however, if you are looking to increase your deadlift, this won’t work!

In a nutshell, using submaximal weights with high set but let reps will ensure that every rep is high quality and performed as fast as possible.

So next time you deadlift, start using submaximal weights for maximal gains.

Stay tuned for part IV where I will reveal yet another HUGE deadlift mistake.

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