Top 4 Fatal Deadlift Mistakes: Part IV

Top 4 Fatal Deadlift Mistakes: Part IV

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The 4th HUGE mistake that guys make when deadlifting is jerking the weight off the ground. Here is an example of what I mean:

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While this dude’s technique is totally shot, pay attention to his arms before he deadlifts. He violently jerks the weight off the ground which is a HUGE mistake for a few reasons.

1-It’s an injury risk

When you jerk the weight off the ground or deadlift with a flexed bicep, you are more likely to tear your bicep tendon.

Check out this video from Mark Bell with some advice on how to avoid a bicep tear when deadlifting:

YouTube Preview Image

2-You will have no tension

When it comes to the deadlift, or any lift really, your grip is the last connection with the bar. If you have a weak grip or do not have a lot of tension on the bar then are you are not going to get the most out of your deadlift. When you have a shitty grip on the bar, chances are your lats will not be locked in, your lower back will not be tight on so on. Even if they you, you will loose that tension once you go to deadlift because your grip is weak.

How to fix this

In order to fix this, you need to think about squeezing the bar off the ground. This is the coaching cue I use and it works really well to fix this problem. The key to a good deadlift is having a lot of tension throughout and that makes having a strong grip on the bar.

And there you have it, the fourth HUGE mistake guys make when deadlifting. While there are plenty of other mistakes, I hope you enjoyed this 4 part series on the deadlift. Drop a comment below to let me know how you liked this 4 part series.

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  • Aaron Howard

    I thought it was a really good series. Will you be doing this for other lifts as well?

  • Adrian “Daisy” Day

    Great series Joe. Mark Bell! Great wisdom from the man, and some great one liners..”If you are a bencher and look like a beetle” hehehehe

  • Adrian, Thanks for your feedback brother! Glad you enjoyed the series!

  • Thanks for your feedback Aaron, hopefully I will!!