Top 5 Back Exercises For Bigger Back

Top 5 Back Exercises For Bigger Back

Nothing is more impressive then a big, thick and dense back. The size of your back is a HUGE indicator of how you train in the weight room. How many strong dudes can you think of with a small and weak back? Probably not many and that’s because a big back is an indicator of how strong you are.

Here are my top 5 back exercises to build size and strength:

1) The Deadlift

We have all herd it before, the deadlift is the king of all exercises. There’s nothing more impressive then picking up heavy ass weight off the ground. There’s also nothing that will build a big and strong back like the deadlift. During the deadlift, your lats must stabilize to keep the bar in tight to your body. Also, your traps will get rocked and will grow like weeds! Just look at guys like Arnold and Franco Columbo who used the deadlift in their routine. Those guys had huge deadlifts to go along with their massive backs.

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2) Pull-ups

Pull-ups are a great exercise to build stronger and thicker lats. In order to make your back grow with pull-ups, it’s best to use high volume. Instead of doing 4 X 8 or 3 X 10, go for a set number of reps and get it done as fast as possible. This will give you the ultimate back pump. What if you suck at doing pull-ups? If this is the case, add in very low reps in-between sets of your main exercise. This approach will help you get good at doing them.

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3) Chest Supported DB Rows

Over the years, chest supported DB rows have become a staple in my training because it allows me to isolate the back muscles better then most other exercises. When you do this lift, make sure you don’t use momentum. Train this lift as a bodybuilder would. Do 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps for best results.

4) 1 Arm DB Rows

1 arm rows have been a staple in my training since day # 1. This lift will allow you to toss around some heavy weight and really help you build strength in your lats. While I prefer to do these strict most of the time, there’s nothing wrong throwing in 1 heavy set where you go heavier then normal and use some momentum to get it done.

1 arm DB rows

5) Bent Over DB Rows 

Bent over rows are probably the best mass builder for the back but you just have to watch for your lower back on this. If you’re doing tons of squats, deadlfts etc.. doing bent over rows can be tough. But regardless, it’s still a great lift to build serious size. Just make sure you leave your ego at the door when you do this lift – do these strict with your chest as parallel to ground as possible.

There you have it – my top 5 exercises to build a big, thick and strong back. What’s your favorite lift? Drop a comment below and share your opinion! 

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  • But for every performed exercise, your diet is 70 per cent while the exercise itself is only
    30 ´%.

  • joeymegz

    Where did you get these %s from Dennis?

  • Hey Joe:

    Greetings from Germany.

    In most of my reading concerning bodybuilders and their diets vs exercise,
    there seems to be this tendency that diet out-weighs considerabley, the
    excercise that is performed. Which article that I have read within the past
    week, that relates to the 70/30 split, I can not recall, nor did I save it. For
    myself, personally, I believe that this figure is accurate. I do not believe that
    it is a 50/50 split, based upon my reading awareness, but I correspond with
    a few bodybuilders/companies and therefore, I will ask them their opinions.
    Keep in touch.

    Dennis the Menace

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