Top 5 Upper Body Exercises To Get You Strong And Jacked

Last week, I talked about the 5 best lower body exercises to get you jacked . Today I will cover my top 5 upper body exercises:

6) Military Press 

A few weeks ago, I was speaking with Zach Even-Esh and he raised a great question. How many guys do you know that could military press their bodyweight? Chances are not many but if you do know somebody that can do this they are probably big and strong.

For this reason, the military press is a staple in my upper body training. While not every guy is qualified to do this lift, if you do have proper mobility, I highly encourage you to work toward military pressing your bodyweight.

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7) Farmer Walks

Aside from deadlifts, I can’t think of many exercises that will address a weak grip, weak upper back and weak posterior chain like farmer walks. If you want to blow up your upper back, this exercise is key.

One of the main benefits of farmer walks is they are less taxing on the body then deadlifts. Perform these by walking with heavy dumbbells, kettlebells for a certain distance or time.

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8) Gymnastic Ring Push-ups

Push-ups are often overlooked as being too easy but the truth is when done correctly, push-ups are an excellent exercise to strengthen the pressing muscles. While the bench press is also great, I prefer push-ups because it is an open chained exercise where the scapula can move freely. Gymnastic rings are my favorite variation because the shoulders and abs must work harder to stabilize.

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9) Pull-ups

Pull-ups are the key to building huge lats. They are also a great test of relative upper body strength. You should train to do a minimum if 20 strict pull-ups. When you can achieve this, I bet you will will be bigger and stronger.

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10) Chest Supported Rows

Having a strong back is critical to your shoulder health and there is no better way to strengthen your back then with rows. While there are many different variations of rows, chest supported rows are the most effective because there is no stress on the lower back (like in bent over rows) and more effective training stimulus then inverted rows.

While there are a ton of other great upper body exercises, these are my go to ones because they work! Remember when it comes to choosing exercises, there needs to be a reason why you are doing it. If not, then scrap it.

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