Top Four Exercises for the Athlete’s Offseason

Top Four Exercises for the Athlete’s  Offseason

This is a guest post by John Gaglione and Todd Bumgardner

If you are a high school are college athlete, chances are your season is over and it’s time to start a solid off-season program. But how do you know what to look for in a program, and what are the best exercises to include?

Here are our Top 4 Exercises for building, strength, power and overall athleticism!


The deadlift is a great for developing maximal strength. You don’t need a power rack or a spotter to perform this movement, just a barbell and some weights. Deadlifting develops strength in the entire posterior chain, which will in turn help you run faster, jump higher and dominate on the field.  There is also something about lifting heavy stuff off of the ground that builds mental toughness. Deadlifts are KING for building strength PERIOD!

Overhead Presses

The overhead press doesn’t get enough love. A strict overhead press is, perhaps, the purest test of upper body strength.  It requires a ton of mobility in the upper back and shoulder to do correctly, as well as core strength.  The overhead press is going to challenge your stability from head to toe and build a tremendous amount of strength in your upper body. Best of all—you don’t need a spotter when going heavy. If you can’t complete a rep simply put the weight down. You need stable shoulders and a strong core for all athletic endeavors and the barbell overhead press trains to meet these goals!


Pull Ups
The pull-up is the best body weight exercise, as developing relative strength is important for all athletics. If you can’t move your own body weight there is no way you are reaching your potential on the field.

Many reputable speed coaches use max body weight chin ups as an indicator of speed. Why? Excess body fat impacts sprint and pull-up performance. If your strength on the barbell lifts goes up, but your pull-up performance is suffering, chances are you put on unnecessary weight.


Being strong improves overall power production, but direct power training takes off-season training to the next level.

Jumping movements ensure that you are improving relative strength and not just weight-room strength and power. After all, excelling at your sport directly depends on how fast and explosive you are using own your own body weight. All forms of jumping are great additions to your off season program.

These four exercises build maximal strength in the upper and lower body, relative body weight strength, and power. These qualities are paramount to improving athletic performance. Use them and dominate. Dismiss them and get dominated.

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