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Many of these exercises have never been seen or performed outside of my gym.

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What You’ll Learn in Extreme Biceps Training:

  • IHow to modify a great time-tested exercise to make it absolute torture on the Biceps and forearms and take your growth to new heights.
  • How to incorporate an the classic method of the oldtime strongmen – ISOMETRICS – in your Bicep Training in a way that few people know about.
  • How to get the biggest, sickest, and most horrifying pump in your arms that you have ever gotten before.
  • How to train with Band Resistance to develop the biggest curl in your gym.
  • The way to develop the PEAK of your biceps – a SECRET not even the most  seasoned pro bodybuilders do not know about.
  • And many, many more secrets to arm training that could only be developed by  a certified mentally ill individual like myself…

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