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Megs, whats up man? Hope all is well! Long story short – i needed surgery on my finger. I cut the flexor tendon in it. Basically putting me out of a gym for at least 8 weeks as a tendon heals very slow and sensitively. I was wondering, if u suggest working out with just my left, doing diff dumbbell exercises and of course legs? if u have any advice let me know. it kills me to think of the muscle atrophy im going to have in my wrist and forearm. thanks.-Gerald

Gerald, sorry to hear about your injury man. Injuries flat out suck man but it should not stop you from training. Two days after I tore my pec, I was in the gym training my lower body. I could not do anything with my left arm at all but here is what I did

-Safety Bar Squats


-Walking Lunges w/ weighted vest or chains

-Cossack Squat w/ weighted vest or chains

Right there you have a killer lower body workout. When your injured, you have to remember that you are not going to get stronger so lower the intensity and just get the work done. A big thing for me was when anytime I took more then a week off from training I lost my edge. My energy was down, my motivation was down, my strength was down, I just flat out felt like shit.

While I never recommend training through an injury, no matter what your injury is, there is something you can be doing. It won’t do you any good sitting on the couch and letting it heel.

With your injury to your finger you obviously won’t be able to do anything that requires you to hold or grip a dumbbell/barbell BUT you can do stuff like a just mentioned above. Cast or no cast, you will be able to find a way to get it done.

As far as doing workouts with your left arm, I think that is fine. When I couldn’t use my left arm, I was doing kettlebell work EXTREMELY LIGHT with my right side. Simply put, doing kettlebell clean and presses etc… with 16 KG kettlebell isn’t going to create a muscular imbalance.

Gerald, good luck with the rehab process. Remember man, there is no rush to get back. Take your time and do it right! Just try to keep your mental sanity by doing light workouts like the one I gave you above 🙂

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