Training for the Skinny Fat Guy

Training for the Skinny Fat Guy

Hey Joe, I have a question about my diet/lifting. I’m a skinny guy with fat around my abdomen. I can’t seem to build muscle and it looks like I just gain fat faster then muscle. – Erik

Erik, there are a couple things that could be going on and without knowing exactly how your training and eating, I can’t tell you what you are doing wrong BUT what I can do is give you a checklist of things most guys that are strong and shredded are doing.

Here are 6 common habits of guys that are jacked and ripped:

1) Lifte Heavy Weights

Strength is the foundation of building muscle, getting ripped, jumping higher, running faster and being more explosive. Regardless of what your goal is, strength is critical. The stronger you are and the more muscle you are building, the more fat you will burn. Make sure you are lifting heavy weights and always prioritizing strength in your workouts.

Not sure how heavy you should lift? Refer to Prilepins Chart for a reference.

2) Eat Like A Caveman

When it comes to transforming your body, your diet is going to play the biggest role. You may have herd me say it before, but I will keep saying it because it is what I believe in- If it doesn’t swim in the sea, walk on land or grow in the ground then you shouldn’t be eating it. Avoid packaged and processed foods as often as possible. Instead focus on nutrient dense foods like vegetables, occasional fruits and make sure you are eating high quality protein like chicken, meat, fish and eggs. Carbs are also important too building muscle but you want to avoid grains, instead opt for potatoes and rice. If your nutrition is centered around this then you will be on the rapid road to getting strong and shredded.

3) Use High Performance Finishers

Using high performance finishers are a great way to increase conditioning and burn fat at the end of your workout. The mistake many guys make, is they base their whole entire workout around conditioning and “cardio”. This is a huge mistake because you should be prioritizing strength.

Simply put these finishers should be done in 12 minutes or less and should kick your ass. The key here is to not have them negatively affect your strength gains.

4) Focus on Performance in the Gym

This sums up # 1 and # 3. Don’t focus on fat loss in the gym, focus on getting stronger and more conditioned. The fat loss will be a side effect of high performance.

5) Stay Active on Off-days

I use to do nothing on my off days but when I did this, my recovery was actually slower and my energy was lower. Instead of doing nothing, do some light activity like walking, bike riding or some light bodyweight training. Just do something to stay active and keep your mind right.

Here are common habits of guys that aren’t getting great results:

1) Program hopping 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is hopping from program to program. In today’s age, there are more programs available to you then ever before but that doesn’t mean you should try them all out. Instead, stick to one that lines up with your goals and kill it. You will never make any significant progress if you keep hoping from program to program.

Truth is, the program you are following isn’t as important as your effort, consistent habits and willingness to push yourself. Find a program that you believe in and get after it!

2) Inconsistent in their training routine and eating habits

The # 1 reason why guys don’t reach their goals is because they are inconsistent. If you are not being consistent with ¬†your training or nutrition, get that on track first. Dan John once said, if something is important you do it everyday. If you want to get ripped, then your nutrition should be dialed in everyday. If you want to get big and strong, focus on getting 1% stronger everyday as Zach Even-Esh says.

3) Eating the WRONG types of foods

This one is a pretty simple fix. If you are not eating the right types of foods, then just follow the motto “think like a caveman and you can’t go wrong. If your not eating like that now, don’t expect to get great results.

4) Not training with the right intensity

So you think your following a great program and your nutrition is good but your still not getting the gains you want? Make sure your not training like a panzy! Each workout should be a new challenge that you need to overcome, if not then your training intensity is low. It’s time to man up and start lifting like a man!

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