Training Log-Day 1

I decided that I will start to post my training sessions on my blog so you guys can see how I train myself and my athletes. Most posts will include video clips of the workouts. Unfortunately, today I had to train at my college so there won’t be any footage today.

Here’s the workout:

1) Back Squat- 6 x 5. I am following Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 I worked up to 315 x 5

2) RDL’s- 3 x 8     225 x 8, 275 x 8, 275 x 8

3) DB Bulgarian Split Squat- 3 x 8   55 x 8/8,60 x 8/8,65 x 8/8

4) Band GHR- 3 x -12  Light Band x 12, Medium Band x 10, Medium Band x 10

5) Ab rollout- 2 x 10

I usually start all workouts with an explosive movement. Today I was going to box jumps but I was pressed for time so I just started with heavy squats.

The whole point of this workout is 3 fold. 1- To build my squat. The squat is an indicator lift in my program. If my squat is going up, I know I am getting stronger and building a great foundation of strength. 2- To overcome muscular imbalances caused from baseball. Unilateral training is the best way to overcome muscular imbalances caused from baseball.  3-Bulletproof my body from injury. Strengthening the posterior chain is critical to bulletproofing from injury.

Share your comments. Feel free to try this workout for yourself. If you like this workout press the like button!

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