Training Update Week 4

Here are my workouts from last week. I had to clear all the videos on my camcorder so I don’t have any footage but I will try and get some for this week.

Day 1-Tuesday

1) Vertical Jump-3 x 5

2) Back Squat- 5/3/1 parameters

3) Safety Bar Good Mornings- 4 x 6-8

4) Back Extension- 3 x 12

The plan was to do sandbag lunges than the sled/prowler after the good mornings but my quads were rocked and it was raining out.

Day 2- Thursday

1) Explosive push ups

2) Incline DB Press w/ Neutral grip- 3 x max reps

3) 1 arm DB rows- 3 x 8-12

4) 1 arm DB Press- 3 x 6

5) Kneeling External Rotation- 2 x 15

In between most sets I did 5 pull ups for a total of 50 pull ups.

Day 3-Sunday

1) Barbell Push ups- 3 x 30 seconds

2) Seated cable rows- 4 x 10-12

3) GHR- 3 x 20

4)Pull up ladder

Tuesday’s workout rocked me for days. Thursday was a repetition upper body workout and Sunday’s workout also wasn’t too strenuous because I was working on baseball skill work for 45 minutes prior to the workout. I also want to prepare myself for Tuesday’s workout. I’m going need it!

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