Training Update

Sorry guys its been awhile. I did not post week 2, days 2 and 3 because they were the same workouts as week 1. I have been following 3 week waves. Week 3 (this week) has been deloads.

I will share my deload workouts with you so you can use them when you deload. To find out more information on what deloading is, why you should do it, and how to incorporate it into your program, check this out.

Week 3-Deload


1A) Stability ball DB Bench Press- x 12

1B) Gymnastic rings recline row- x 12

1C) Bulgarian split squats- x 8 each leg

1D) Glut Ham Raise x 10

1E) Band pull aparts- 15-25


1) Kettlebell skill work- 10 minutes

2) Band work- 10 minutes

3) Prowler walk-10 minutes

That’s it for now. Get the ball rolling by posting your workouts below.

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