Training With An Shoulder Injury?

Training With An Shoulder Injury?

Hi joe

I’ve hurt my shoulder going to heavy on a bench press just an irritated labrum physio says will need two weeks to recover, i saw you pec video and dont want end up with a serious operation ,I think i need to take a month off doing any thing shoulder related, can you give me some wokout options 3 days a week ,strength and condtioning so i can still stay in shape.

Hey bro

First off, I would listen to anything your doctor says. One day Zach and I were joking around at the gym and he said Kelly Starret said the first two questions you should ask your doctor is:

1-How much do you deadlift?

2-Do you deadlift?

You defiantly want to make sure your doctor understands why you do what you do and thatĀ simply doing nothing isn’t an option. Also, you have to remember that just taking two weeks off likely isn’t going to get down to the root of the problem. I would highly recommend you find a qualified professional that can help you get to the route of the problem weather it be corrective exercise, soft tissue work, ART etc..Without knowing exactly what the issue is, I can’t tell you what type of prehab/rehab to do BUT if it was me I’d start with some soft tissue work and also address the often overlooked upper back.

I also don’t think it would be a bad idea to take some time off from heavy bench pressing. A lot of injuries occur when technique is off, so defiantly take some time and learn technique on the bench. All the years of benching bodybuilding style defiantly took it’s tool on me. So take a few steps back, focus on TECHNIQUE and slowly progress. Unless you are a powerlifter,what is the rush? Time is on your said and use it wisely. This is what I wish I would have done.

As far as your workout options 3 days, below are some modifications you should make:
1-Eliminate anything that hurts (barbell benching, overhead pressing, dips etc…)
2-Focus on soft tissue work and seek out a qualified professional that can help you
3-Address the often weak and overlooked muscles of the upper back.
4-Up the volume of your back training and start training it like a bodybuilder (thanks to Mike Robertson for this tip)

Pete, I hope this helps you and good luck to you. Remember to always listen to your body, and don’t just train around this injury. Go get it fixed!

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