How to Treat & Prevent Shoulder Pain Part III: Importance of Thoracic Spine Mobility

Check out this video on the importance of t spine mobility and how you can incorporate it into your warm up. For more in dept information check out Bill Hartman’s and Mike Robertson’s DVD Inside Out.

Here is a sample warm up to address weakness and tightness in the t spine

1) Foam roller- spend 2 minutes rolling out your upper/middle back

2) Double lacrosse ball extension (see video)- 10 total reps

3) Side lying rotational  extension (see video above)-8 each side

4) Push ups-15 reps

5) Push up plus-10 reps

6) Wall Slides-10 reps

7) Band Pull Aparts- 25 reps

8) Dislocators-10 reps

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  • aolivarkc

    Nice, i would also mention to practice some breathing after you foam roll, it will make a huge difference

  • Great video. You may also want to lie on the foam roller vertically.

  • Thanks Karen,

    Thank you for pointing that out! You can definitely use the phone roller vertically as well!

    All the best,


  • Michelle Boutwell

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