How to Treat & Prevent Shoulder Pain Part IV: Addressing the Weak Upper Back Muscles

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Part IV

In order to build a solid foundation of strenght, baseball players and athletes must address weak links in their chain. The 3 most common weak links in most athletes are the muscles of the upper back, the posterior chain and unilateral leg strength.

The muscles of the upper back are often overlooked by many athletes because they aren’t the “beach muscles”. These muscles are critical to injury prevention and having a long a successful athletic career.

Aside from performing pull ups, chin ups and rows, baseball players and athletes need to perform specific exercises to address this weakness. More specifically, baseball players need to address the external rotators and the rhomboids.

The best way to address this weakness is to perform a specific exercise at the end of each workout. Check out the video below to see a ton of different exercises to address weaknesses in the upper back.

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