Use This Method To Get Stronger

Use This Method To Get Stronger

One tip that has helped me tremendously over the years is using Compensatory Acceleration Training. Originally developed by Dr. Fred Hatfield, AKA Dr. Squat, Compensatory Acceleration Training, simply refers to moving the bar fast as humanly possible.

One HUGE mistake you don’t want to make is taking your warmup sets for granted. Instead of just putting weight on the bar and “going through the motions”, treat these sets like it’s a max effort attempt. If your bench pressing 200lbs, I want you to imagine that there is 300 lbs on that bar.

The key to Compensatory Acceleration Training is moving the bar as fast as humanly possible. As you go heavier, the bar speed may slow down, BUT the intent to move the bar as fast as possible needs to be there.

If you couple submaximal training with Compensatory Acceleration Training in a well thought out progressive system, you are bound to get stronger.

About a year ago, I put 40lbs on my bench press in 6 weeks without using maximal weights. Instead I focused on submaximal weights with maximal speed.

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Bar speed is a critical component of getting stronger and if you have been neglecting it for awhile now, start focusing on bar speed and you will get stronger.

Here is a video of me clean and jerking a 150lb dumbbell:

YouTube Preview Image

While I have done Olympic lifts with the barbell, I rarely ever do them with dumbbells or kettlebells but the reason why I was able to do this was because I increased my rate of force development through Compensatory Acceleration Training.

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  • Franco Crincoli

    Good stuff Megz. I do this regularly with myself and my clients.

  • Good to hear Franco!