Weakness Doesn’t Always Cause Missed Lifts…

This is a guest post from Jedd Johnson

You know the cliche phrase about a chain and its weakest link, so I am not even going to say it.

The fact is this – a weak link in your kinetic chain, is not always going to cause you to miss a lift.

For instance, for a lot of people, their grip is a weak link and holds them back from completing a lot of their lifts, especially on pulling movements.

Nope, weak links don’t always lead to a missed  lift.

They lead to a devastating injuries.

Take a bicep tear, as an example…

If you tear your bicep and follow doctor’s orders, you are going to be out of action for a long, long time.

You won’t be able squat, deadlift, or do many other lifts that you would like to do.

And there are many other lifts  that you won’t be able to go “all out on” like you would want to.

Now, a lot of people at your gym, or with whom you might interact on some forum might tell you that they never train biceps.

“Who needs to train Biceps???”

That’s something that I used to say myself, actually, especially when I was doing Strongman Competitions on a regular basis.

Why should I work biceps and “get a pump” when I am already flipping tires, lifting atlas  stones, and doing all these other pulling movements?

Boy, was I wrong…

The problem is all those movement patterns are large gross movement patterns.  The whole body is being worked.  While that is good for power production and for improving at the strongman events, doing only those movement patterns can cause the biceps to develop weaknesses in certain angles or positions.

What happens when the stone slips a bit, or the tire hits a small bump in the grass or on the pavement?

You get out of position, have to react, and your  bicep potentially becomes targeted for a serious injury.

Ask the strongmen you know what they do for Biceps.  I can just about guarantee that all of them have bought into this new theory that they don’t need to train them anymore because of all the pulling they do.

How many times have you seen Strongmen on TV tear a Bicep?

Do you think it is from not doing the events enough?

Hell no!  Those guys train the events all the time! 

Call to Arms is more than just an ebook on Biceps training.  We also cover Triceps training, which are some of the key muscles for a big Bench Press or Overhead Lift.

But aside from those key aspects, Call to Arms is also a book that will help craft a new way of thinking for your arm training.

It’s time to stop neglecting this small link in the chain, and start building it up.

It’s time to turn the potential weakness that a bicep muscle can be and turn it into an asset.

When you pick up Call to Arms, you are going  to learn new ways to group Bicep training, how to pair it with other movements, and how to program it with complimentary lifts in your training sessions.

If your training or your sport is heavily dependent on, not just Biceps strength, but Biceps Health, then I hope you give Call to Arms a good hard look.

Got questions on it?  Drop a comment below

All the best in your training.


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