What Does it Take to Become a Great Athlete?

Are great athletes born or made?

This is a question you have probably been wondering for awhile.  I can tell you that all great athletes have similar qualities. Vince Lombardi once said:

“Leaders aren’t born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.”

This is a quote I live by each and everyday and I instill this thought process into the athletes that I train. Ordinary athletes lack the will that all GREAT athletes possess.

What Does it Take to Become a Great Athlete?


GREAT athletes have the desire to be the best they can be. They have the desire to dominate their sport and understand that they were put on this earth for a reason. Weather they are a weightlifter, football player, baseball player or another type of athlete, they realize that they have a burning passion for their craft.


Once an athlete has the desire to be great and the desire to dominate their sport they must COMMIT to it. Dedication includes the commitment to excellence through sacrifice and taking action. For college athletes this means sacrificing social time spent drinking and partying in order to commit to their craft. Professional athletes sacrifice time that could be spent with their family and loved ones. Nobody said being a great athlete would be easy but all great athletes make sacrifices. Elite athletes also find time to train hard, work on their skill and do whatever else is necessary. They do not make bullshit excuses like 90% of the other athletes out there.


Simply put determination is the will to get shit done. DO WORK SON! I’ve talked about this numerous times in the past but I can’t stress it enough. How you deal with adversity is a true measure of character. Great athletes know how to deal with adversity. They posses the determination to overcome road blocks and obstacles because they understand the bigger picture. Great athletes are highly motivated from within and do not need any motivation from their coaches. They understand the importance of practice and constant hard effort.

Is it any wonder why the best athletes make great leaders? If you are an athlete that wants to play at the next level weather it be high school, college or professional, ask yourself how bad do you really want it?

What are you willing to do to reach your goals?

Are you willing to sacrifice partying and drinking and the normal life for something much more rewarding?

Most athletes aren’t willing to do this because they are content with fitting in and being mediocre.

Challenge yourself and be the best that you can be.

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  • Scott

    Joe- great points. Most are just happy being a part of the team and do not push themselves to greatness. Winners figure ways out to overcome adversity. Losers make excuses!

  • Scott,

    As always thank you for your feedback. Great points you made!

    All the best,


  • I Sacrifice so much as a bodybuilder. Especially my diet I don’t cheat very often. I stay on clean food and train hard for the goal of 1st place.

  • Dennis Finmann

    i don’t willing to do it, because i like my life know. I like to going to party’s and drink with my friends. So i will not sacrifice alcohol and party’s.

  • Emil

    yes i’m willing to do it if i had a sport that i liked very much.

    I think if i had a sport that i focused very much on i properly where willing to do anything.

    It’s a good text about how you become a sport athlete, and it focused very much if you are willing to sacrife our self. 🙂 <3

  • Thomas

    If you objective is to be the best, you need to sacrifice something. You can’t be the best, if you eat fast food.

  • mads

    u can see this so

  • Jonas Hansen

    Thanks for the text, i think its hard to drop your normal life, when you are young.
    Your are young 1 time in your life, and theres many things you are going to miss.
    All the partys, holidays with your friends. And just good days with your friends.
    instead of having fun, your are going to train, and still its hard to be a pro.

  • Martin

    No i Will not sacrifice that for to be an athletes, i set my friends and family, in the first plays. But stil one of my goals is to get stronger so i Can do and take much more, i’m willing to use my free time for that but i’ll not sacrifice my friends and family for that.

  • Emil

    I don’t think i’m willing to eat healty all the time, because i like to eat a pizza or things like that sometimes. I also think that i don’t will give up party’s and time with my family and friend’s just because of a sport. I don’t think a sport is worth to give up so many things for.

  • Mette

    I think I won’t be able to sacrifice my family and friends just to be a sports athlete. For me it’s more important to be together with my family instead of being famous and have much money. I’m willing to do much to reach my goals, but I won’t offer my family, friends and my everyday life. Even though some people think it’s nice to be a famous person, I wouldn’t be like them and offer so much of my private life.

  • Wow guys, that’s what i did to become the best.

  • I lve what what say about determination and working hard thank u sir i am bless

  • Thanks for your comment!

  • Tomar sahab

    yes it is needed but i m expecting somthing more ….but good enough

  • Mark

    It’s true but the most of the atlete have time for there, like Ken block, he is a world championship rally driver and gymkhana driver, but he still have time to be with his family.

  • Gertrud Hansen

    You don´t get so many things to know, but it´s an okay text.

  • Sophie

    This sounds like sports should be the only thing in life, like we’re created to do sports, like athletes. but yeah, sure some people mean that this is the absolutly one and only thing that’s worth living for. my self, i like sports, and do sports everyday, but still, it sounds a Little more, than just a Little crazy to me.
    One thing i’ll give you, yeah you have to fight for the goals, nothing comes by closed doors og by not doing anything for it, that is Words! but still, we’ve all known that, and we’ve knovn that for a long time. this article is not that exiting, sorry. Peace ouy! i’m gonna eat some cake now.

  • Anonymous guy MB

    I do agree that athletes are made, but i also think that athletes are born.
    I think that some athletes are born, with their talent, fx. some people have never
    been singing, but they are born with a beatuful voice. So i think some are born with a talent. But i think most of athletes are made, because they’re going through really hard training. They are also sacrificing people, to do as mush training as possible.

  • Charlotte Andersen

    I thing it’s true, but I’m also think at the athletes have a lot of time whit there family. Maybe the athletes doesn’t have a lot of time whit there family, then they train to
    the big games and all what. But I think the athletes have a lot of time whit
    there family, then they not are train every day. And I think that are very different,
    from person to person.

  • Fake BATMAN

    I worked so hard i could, i even sacrificed my family and friends. But i never became BATMAN!!!! So i think Athletes and superheroes are born, not made! -.- So i will find the real Batman and put an end to his misery life!!!!! Then ill maybe have a chance to become Batman.

  • Anonymous guy SS

    I don’t think great athletes are made I think great athletes are born. If 20 people started at a new sport will one or maybe two be better than the others. And some people is god to allmost all kind of sport. And then there is others that not is god to any sport. If you are born a great athletes, you can’t just relax and think you will be champ one day, you need to train very hard and eat healthy. Then you maybe could be a champ one day.

  • peter johansen

    i think that that some great athletes are made but some are also born i think because there are people how are very good at the sport first time they try it i know that they have to work hard to be an professionel but i think that its way more easy for them to be athletes that it is for people hwo sucks when they try it at first but they can do it to they just have to work most harder.

  • Peter nr. 2

    I thinkthat it’s a good article, because he’s right. You can’t be a good athlete at
    one day, you must be fighting for it. In the article they wrote that they have
    to sacrifice some of the things they want to day. They can’t go every weekend
    in the city whit their friend and get drunk.

  • hmmmm

    Hey Peter.
    I agree whit you 🙂 But you have a lot of grammar mistake, but thats all right, hahhahahahahah JK.

  • peter

    hello nr. 2.
    I agree with you, mostly. no one can be great at one day but i mean that some one are good at their sport first time they tried it and that would i call born to be playing that sport 🙂