What Drives You To Train?

What Drives You To Train?

Stop what you are doing right now and ask yourself this question. “What drives you to train?” This very question is something that I ask myself all the time, and quite frankly the answer isn’t always that clear but I think Henry Rollins summed it up pretty well in this quote “I felt strong. It was the first time I can remember having a sense of myself. I had done something and no one could ever take it away. You couldn’t say shit to me”.

Chances are you probably train to get bigger and stronger or maybe to be in the best shape possible, but regardless it goes much deeper then just these goals. Why do I want to be bigger and stronger? For me, it’s about changing my mindset and proving to myself that I can go out and achieve whatever it is that I want to achieve.

Here is a little inspiration from Arnold:

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Nothing gets me more pumped up then setting new personal records in the gym. Each of these benchmarks show that I am progressing and that with the right mindset you can do anything. For me training is about earning respect from my colleagues and of the people that I train.

I would never want somebody I train to ever think that I am weak, out of shape or not at the top of my game. For me training is about “walking the walk”. If I’m going coach others and inspire them to help reach their goals, I better make sure that I am constantly progressing physically, mentally and as a coach.

Training is a way to show people that I am not normal and I am constantly pushing my body and mind past its limits because this is how I believe I will grow as a human being, This is what drives me and fires me up to move some heavy ass weight.

For you, you may want to get bigger and stronger to impress the chicks at the beach or maybe you train to loose weight so you can fit back into your high school jeans or get more recognition out in public.

Maybe you train because you want to be in the best shape possible to prove that you can preservers through anything. While I don’t totally agree with Crossfit, I can defiantly see why people are drawn to it. At the end of each one of those workouts, they are beat up physically and mentally BUT each time they conquer a workout, or a small hurdle, they know that this will build thicker skin and make them mentally tougher.

Everyone has their own reason to do what they do, so I’ll ask you again, what is your reason?

┬áP.S Here is the system I used to “stop training like a little bitch and start training like a man” ==>Lift like A Man

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  • Kedric

    I train because every time I do I know I need to be 100% focus, 100% dedicated if I want to see results. Teaches me that whatever we want to achieve in life be it a kick ass physique or success we need to focus.

    It also allows me to harness the power of my mind. The need and desire to constantly improve and be better than what I was yesterday while achieving feats of strength I once thought impossible.

  • Papa-Ollennu

    i train because i wanna play in the nba

  • What level of Basketball do you play at now and how are we going get you to the next level?

  • That is awesome Kedric. You sound laser focused my friend! What does your training look like?

  • Kedric

    Picked up the laser focus through reading Zach’s post on how mental plays a huge role in training.

    I just completed 12 weeks of training with similar priciples with Defranco’s WS4B. Now I’m hitting up a traditional bodybuilding split to keep things fun and fresh and odd objects lift as conditioning on my non weight training days.

  • Papa-Ollennu

    I play midget 13-16. I am going to work my butt off. Send tape to many colleges. Weight train, quickness work, basketball work, vertical jump, speed. And im going to play in the nba.

  • Papa, good luck to you man. Keep checking in and let me know how I can help!