Why Do YOU Train?

Why Do YOU Train?

Why Do YOU Train?

This is the ultimate question I want you to ask yourself right now…

Some people train to chase numbers, while others train to give themselves a kick in the ass. Others train to get bigger biceps so they can impress the ladies on the beach. There are a million different reasons why people train BUT what really matters is your WHY. Your WHY is what keeps you going and what motivates you to reach your goals.

Maybe your reason for training isn’t that simple. Maybe you have to dig a bit deeper. Whatever the reason, its crucial that you dig deep and answer this question, “what do I want to accomplish, what are my goals”. Is it just to get big and strong or does it go beyond that? It’s going take some soul searching to figure this out.

For me personally, my passion is lifting heavy weights. This is what drives me to train alone and get after it. When I am getting stronger in the gym and pushing my limits, I am also getting stronger in life. I know when I am successful in the gym, I will be successful in other areas of life. Check out this video below to see my WHY.

So I’ll ask you again…What is YOUR Why? Why do YOU Train? Please share by dropping a comment below

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  • Why do you train? Only comment if you are man enough too!

  • matt hunt

    I work out to accomplish goals. If I do not accomplish goals I feel lazy/ useless. I also enjoy feeling fitter and looking much better!

  • Bryan Cornejo

    Although I never made it pro or even varsity in basketball I am still competitive as one, sometimes being too competitive that I take away the fun of it. Now not playing in a high level means being no. 2 is NEVER AN OPTION. I was too arrogant at one point that I stopped training, now being told that I need to practice, I’m slow, I’m weak and the worst one is when they tell me that I’m all talk, really made me realize that I had become garbage..

    Now when I have been through all the crap and been soul searching. I just have to use all that negative crap as energy to keep moving forward and not be stuck to the one I was before. it has been 20 weeks since I started training I was a weak and could not squat 50 lbs, do one pullup or bench anything..

    But that is all in the past and by spending a whole night reading your stuff Joe, yes I have made vast improvements on my lifts and other exercises but I still have a long way to go and the direction I am taking now is always forward, never backward again.

    “I have absolute confidence not to be number two, but then I have enough sense also to realize that there can be no number one” – Bruce Lee

  • Matt,

    Nice man. Let me know how I can help you on your journey 🙂

    What are your goals bro?

  • Bryan,

    Thanks for sharing man. I know it’s not easy to…It’s easier just to hold it in and not share.
    Keep checking in brother and I appreciate your kind words.

    Kick ass!

  • Mark

    nothng is more fulfilling that breaking boundaries

  • Hells yea Mark!