Will Too Much Cardio Screw Up Your Muscle Building Gains

Hey guys, I got a video for you today about two questions I received from JR. Check out his questions below:

Quick question. I’m on muscle-gaining routine. I’m eating a lot and taking a lot of protein powder. My question is twofold:
1. How do you feel about training more than two consecutive days – i.e., heavy-lifting 5 days a week?

2. I want to keep doing cardio-like activity. Maybe more than three days a week. I’m doing a tough-mudder in October. Will that completely screw-up my gains?

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In a nutshell, it probably isn’t in your best interest to train heavy 5 days a week BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything on your off days. Let’s assume you train hard 3-4 days a week. That means on the other 3-4 days you can do some conditioning, bodyweight work or mobility and soft tissue work… It all depends on your goals, how much time you have to dedicate to training etc…

If your goal is strictly muscle building then I would stick to 3-4 hard workouts a week and do some light  “vanity” workouts on your “off” days to bring up your weak points. So if your arms are lagging do high rep arm pump work on your off days. If your back is lagging behind do some sled rows and farmer walks.

As far as your second question goes, personally I think that everybody should be doing some sort of conditioning regardless of your goals. If your going look big and strong, why not be in shape? It’s important to walk the walk from all different angles, not just posing in front of the mirror or looking good on the beach.

With that said, if you are having trouble gaining muscle and you are doing a lot of cardio, cut back a bit on the cardio OR increase your calories. The key is to make small tweaks and see what works. No matter what you do , you will always have to make small tweaks along the way so just make sure you pay close attention.

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  • Jerome Roles

    My comment to you is can I still get strong as an ox by not putting on any weight I now weigh 210 lbs I am now beginning to do some power lifting I wish you guy’s were here in Baltimore I would love to train in your establishment with your wealth of knowledge I know you could get to where I want to be.My second question is do you know of any facility close to Baltimore Maryland where I can train like an athlete.

  • Papa-Ollennu

    nice one

  • Jerome- Thanks for your support bro! I do not know of any off hand but I will ask around. Go to EliteFTS.com and ask anyone of the Q & A there if they can recommend a gym!